Eat Drink KL: C.E.O Burger @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Sunday, October 27, 2013

C.E.O Burger @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

The wait is over: Hipster burgers have finally come to Kepong.

C.E.O is a feel-good joint, with cheerful artwork on its walls & a service team that's friendly, helpful & efficient, leaving the most positive first impression imaginable.

 The burgers here score an A for effort but a B for execution. Looks-wise, this 'Hungry Man' (RM19.50 nett with fries) is a faultless construction of a beef patty topped with chicken breast, streaky bacon, cheese & smoked hickory BBQ sauce; in terms of flavor, the patty doesn't quite deliver the explosively savory juices that some customers will demand.

C.E.O's pork patties fare a bit better than the beef ones, though both might be more gristly than desired; try the 'Spicy Tom' (RM17.90), topped with a brazen combo of sun-dried tomato sambal, parmesan crisp, gherkins & caramelized onions. Playful mix.

 The inventive streak is clearest in the 'B.A.D. Breakfast All Day' Burger (RM18.50), substituting the patty with a spiraled chicken sausage, partnered with fried egg, bacon & hash brown. But while this seems like a laudably terrific recipe, it needs tweaking too; the flavors fail to come alive _ the sausage is fat & moist but bland, while the bacon's dry & chewy.

 Still, we're optimistic C.E.O, which only opened this month, will get better as the weeks go by. One thing's for certain: The outlet cares about satisfying customers with its generous servings. The Santa Fe (RM18.90) features not only a genuinely hearty beef patty but plenty of guacamole, cilantro-tomato salsa, orange cheddar cheese & sour cream.

 Our favorite burger here? Probably the Wacky Burger (RM18.90), since it comes with both a runny egg & ripe avocado for certifiable creaminess. Nice one.

 And we like C.E.O's vegetarian burger (RM13.90) too, a thoughtfully considered concoction of mushroom ragout, hash brown, Swiss cheese, parmesan crisp & basil pesto mayo. This one works well, signaling that what needs fine-tuning would be the meat patties.

 C.E.O's fries are fine; fluffy & fresh, paired with a spicy-tangy 'Magic Sauce.'

 The final secret weapon in C.E.O's arsenal: Tater-tot-style fried potatoes (RM12.90), showered with guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos & nachos cheese sauce, a carb addict's fantasy come true in the calorie-laden flesh.

 C.E.O also wisely serves mille crepes, ensuring customers can leave on a sweet note.

CEO Burger
G-11, Ground Floor, Plaza Menjalara, Bandar Sri Manjalara, Kepong
Currently open daily, noon through 10pm, but that could change

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