Eat Drink KL: Real And Wholesome

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Real And Wholesome

A full-blown coffee revolution is brewing in KL, with no fewer than half-a-dozen caffeine specialists having opened in recent weeks. Macchiatos are this year's macarons!

R.A.W. sets itself apart by going vegetarian. Its food menu is limited so far to simple sandwiches and side salads, such as this mushroom & tomato on toast. Well-prepared and not the slightest bit bland _ ideal for a light lunch.

Here's a sun-dried tomato & eggplant sandwich for the road. R.A.W. is scheduled to unveil a full restaurant within a few months, providing an alternative to other vegetarian businesses that often only serve variations of Chinese food.

Cappuccino, macchiato (double espresso with milk microfoam) & piccolo (double espresso with textured milk). Satisfying slurps, roasted on site.

Our solitary complaint: the cafe's opening hours are inconvenient, since it closes at around 6 p.m., but that might change after the formal restaurant is launched.

Real And Wholesome (R.A.W. Cafe),
Wisma Equity, Jalan Ampang.