Eat Drink KL: Bedroom

Monday, February 14, 2011


Pavilion's nightlife just got naughtier, thanks to Bedroom, the sultriest, slinkiest space in this sterile shopping mall.

For a bit of food foreplay, let's pimp the sexy snacks from Bedroom's sister outlet, Markethall, including these sizzling spring rolls, stuffed with ricotta & gorgonzola cheese.

Tuna sashimi. A raunchy reminder about the craft of "cooking without cooking," featuring sensuously raw fish coupled with ripe avocado, the "toro of the fields."

Our lust for this chicken liver baked with bell peppers failed to evolve into love, since it seemed castrated of flavor (in spite of its spotlight on scarlet, the scorching shade of salacious shame). It might, nevertheless, briefly placate the carnal cravings of carnivores.

The climactic confection of chocolate. An absolute aphrodisiac, baked with mascarpone as part of a voluptuous tart infused with Grand Marnier syrup.

A dynamic duo of ginger-laced panna cotta. Two is the kinkiest number of all.
For earlier entry on Market Hall's offerings, click: Feb. 11.

We pursued more potent passion in an orgy of cocktails, shedding our inhibitions with the Pillow Talk (absolut citron, lime juice, creme de cassis, champagne, mint, raspberries, blackberries) & Pillow Fight (bacardi rum, almonds, sour rhubarb, lime juice, pineapple, coconut).

Spice up your booze with pepper (!!!) sprinkled over the Beau (bombay sapphire, bitters, cucumber, lime juice, schweppes tonic water) & Crush (jim beam black, lemon juice, creme de cassis, bitters). It's like the Kama Sutra of stiff drinks here.

Midnight Kiss (bombay sapphire, grape juice, lime juice, champagne, violet) & French Kiss (jose cuervo, triple sec, lime juice, blood orange juice, sage). Our lips were far from sealed.

And after all was said and done, the Bubbly Ginger (bombay sapphire, apricot, lime juice, ginger, campari, champagne) & Love Potion (captain morgan, lime wedge, thai basil) left us basking in an afterglow.

Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.