Eat Drink KL: Lafite

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Back to Lafite for the first time in a looooong while.
For earlier entries, click: Aug. 13, 2009 & Sept. 25, 2009.

Squid ink bread, a savory snack to whet our appetites.

Perigord foie gras with celery root puree, spiced bread, almond sauce & apricot chutney. Complicated recipes have always been Lafite's forte, even under the current chef. But the madness makes sense in the end, when we mix a bit of everything and taste it on our tongues.

Butter-poached Brittany lobster with seared foie gras, cherry tomato confit & white truffle foam. Not quite as decadent as expected, with only a puny portion of lobster flesh.

Australian Wagyu beef tenderloin with herb pomme puree, foie gras, bone marrow, shaved black truffles & Bearnaise sauce. Lip-smackingly tender protein to sink our teeth into (alongside some spruced-up mashed potatoes to make it even more marvelous).

Four-colored tomato composition, with white tomato mousse, tomato marmalade, honey yuzu vinaigrette & tomato sherbet with 25-year-old balsamic vinegar (even older than some people we know!). A sweet, tangy medley, lots of fun to munch.

Aussie Wagyu beef tartar mille-feuille, with lemon polenta, yuzu sour cream & Avruga caviar. Ideal for anyone who regards chewing a steak as too much effort.

Wolf Blass Cabernet Merlot (2009).

Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur.


  1. i see a common theme in all the ingredients; decadence!

  2. Ooh, them squid ink bread looks really special... like small black whales... :D

  3. Oh most of them were on the MIGF menu ;)
    darn.. i stil havent tried their 82++ set lunches

  4. Joe: decadence tastes good (in moderation, ironically, heheh)
    Baby sumo: ooh, we adjourned elsewhere after that (though I think we ended up with just more drinks and no dessert) :D
    Michelle: ahhh, this post has been stuck in the backlog for at least a month already =)
    Lfb: argh, don't say 'whale' ... I certainly feel like one now after the past few days of force-feeding! I'll never get back to being dolphin-sized at this rate :D
    Tng: Heheh, considering I rarely get the chance to do lunch on workdays, I'll probably never be able to try their set lunches either!

  5. woo..the beef tartar mille feuille look like dessert :D great food but really expensive T.T

  6. Fui: yeah, scary prices! We managed to use a 50-percent-off-food discount voucher, but the bill still wasn't low :D

  7. You were "dolphin-sized" before? Surely you mean a porpoise or a sea-tortoise. What was it that our teachers taught us? Don't tell the truth on purpose? Hehe.

  8. Lfb: grrrrr. Then again, there probably isn't a huge difference between dolphins and porpoises, so it's ok :D

  9. But very lucky I had their Chef's Georg lunch before which is very valuable and I had one of the best cod fish ever at there ^^ supreme delicious, juicy and flaky. It seem like cook to "medium well"

  10. Fui: yums, I should try to make it there for lunch sometime! It's only a 10-min drive from my office :D

  11. wah you went to Lafite on CNY? what a great start to the new year!

  12. Eiling: heheh, nope, actually this is a backlogged post, kept as a draft all the way since December :D