Eat Drink KL: Market Hall

Friday, February 11, 2011

Market Hall

Here's our fearless forecast for February: Pavilion's hottest tables will soon be at Markethall, which opens next week after months of anticipatory frenzy.

Freshness is the primary philosophy here: Markethall insists its supply of meat and veggies makes as few stops as possible while traveling from farms and plantations to the kitchen.

The restaurant recently extended an open invitation to regular members of the public to head here for complimentary set meals during staff training sessions. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch (or dinner)?

Ruby Salad (beetroot with goat's cheese, honey-roasted walnuts & watercress). A generous portion of crisp leaves and earthy beets in a well-executed recipe that harmoniously blended soft, savory cheese with crunchy crushed nuts.

Crespelles, stuffed with seafood, lime & coriander in bechamel sauce. Creamy and zesty, these baked crepes should be a real crowd-pleaser.

White Pizza. No tomato sauce, no mozzarella cheese _ topped simply with smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, capers, dill & baby spinach. Warm and hearty, but it might have worked better with a thin crust instead of this doughy one.

The creme catalena, smooth and supple, supplied the striking sensation of sweet success. Everything ran without a hitch: the food tasted terrific and the service team moved with perfect speed and plenty of smiles.

Customers can order cocktails from Bedroom KL, the club-lounge beside Markethall, also opening soon. Booze never tasted as delicious as the Dream Cloud (absolut blue, lime juice, vanilla, half & half, strawberries, blueberries) & Vanilla Sky (absolut peach, midori, triple sec, vanilla, red chili, mango juice, vanilla bean).

Need a sneak peek of Bedroom? Here it is.

The publicity will persist; in the days and weeks ahead, many more people will be talking and blogging about both Markethall and Bedroom. Not everybody will be complimentary _ but nothing good ever escapes a backlash.

Market Hall Kitchen + Bar,
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.