Eat Drink KL: Chef Choi

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chef Choi

Still going strong, Chef Choi should be bursting at the seams this Chinese New Year.

Our first yee sang of the year! Ocean trout was used, but we couldn't distinguish it from salmon after mixing everything together. Still, we liked the plum sauce, which tasted far less cloying and artificial compared to many versions elsewhere.

Crispy prawns with haw par flakes. Essentially a sweet-&-sour treatment.

Lap mei fan. Satisfying enough, with lots of imported waxed meat and rich, creamy liver sausages (our favorite!). The twist: basmati rice is employed for a firmer feel.

Braised pork shoulder with mushrooms, black moss & scallops. Hearty and tender, but the meat tasted strangely stinky, perhaps past its prime.

Merlot (High Valley, California; 2007).

Chef Choi,
Jalan Ampang.