Eat Drink KL: Poco Homemade @ Bangsar

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poco Homemade @ Bangsar

A cozy hideout with charming quirks. It's like a hybrid of a home and a cafe.

The menu offers a compact selection of nicely prepared, reasonably priced Japanese fare; if this place plays its cards right, it could garner a well-deserved cult following.

Miso soba soup with egg. Everything in this steaming-hot bowl tasted healthy and nutritious, from the lovely buckwheat noodles to the not-too-salty soup. Also loved how the egg yolk was wonderfully runny.

Homemade chicken roll. Tasted freshly made. Crisply battered and not greasy at all, stuffed with tender, flavorsome meat.

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake). This, on the other hand, was slightly more oily, but not unbearably so. More like an omelet, really; rather addictive and filled with bits of seafood.

Some kind of yummy marinated seaweed stuff as a side dish.

Tofu cake. Almost like a light mousse, reminiscent of a mild-tasting cheese cake.

Vanilla ice cream & red bean drink, alongside a honey & green tea concoction.

Poco Homemade,
1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar.