Eat Drink KL: Desire @ The Manor

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Desire @ The Manor

Hope springs eternal. Every time a new outlet opens at Asian Heritage Row, we wonder whether it'll be the one to return this once-booming enclave to its glory days.

Desire @ The Manor has garnered steady buzz in recent weeks; it's a good-looking club, shrugging off the sleaze that sometimes seems to stifle this street.

Chicken tikka, served sizzling with garlic bread & potato wedges. Chunky and tender meat, though thankfully, toned down in spiciness. We also loved the fluffy wedges, which tasted like natural potatoes and weren't greasy or salty like other versions.

Frittata (open omelet with beef bacon, turkey ham & veggies). Not shabby at all; warm, soft and flavorsome. We had to wait a bit for the food, but it's clear that everything is cooked to order.

Cajun chicken wings. Juicy and piping-hot, with a beautiful smokiness. Chicken wings don't get better than this. These items were from the snack selection, but a full dinner menu should be available soon.

Quick Fuck (baileys, midori, kahlua) & Long Island Iced Tea.

Dead Frog (midori melon, baileys, grenadine dash) & Black Forest (cherry brandy, kahlua, baileys). Gotta say, the drinks aren't particularly potent here.

Desire (vodka, rum, amaretto, sprite) & Mojito.

If you're having dinner here, start before 9pm, since the music gets loud after 11pm. We sat outside at the alfresco section, which was brighter, breezier and less rowdy.

Desire @ The Manor,
Asian Heritage Row.