Eat Drink KL: Four Seas @ Bangsar

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Four Seas @ Bangsar

Over the years, there's one thing we've learned to be true: It's always cause for celebration when a restaurant opens on Jalan Bangkung.

Four Seas specializes in seafood (no surprise there). Its aquarium was kinda bare on opening day, but there should be more shellfish swimming inside soon.

Coffin Bay oysters with shallots & balsamic. Juicy stuff, straight out of the tank.

More oysters, with Japanese salsa. These seemed as perfect as oysters can get, bursting with a natural flavor that was well complemented by the fresh toppings.

Salmon gravlax with shallot dill cream, sweet potato rosti & salmon caviar. Not bad for snacking, though kinda salty and greasy (blame that on the rosti).

Crab cakes with avocado & cilantro aioli. Also ideal for nibbling. The avocado was a brilliant accompaniment that made this a creamy pleasure.

Fritto misto. Deep-fried squid & prawns in light beer batter, served with French fries. A whopping portion; the menu says it's designed for two people, but in reality, it could satisfy three or four.

Options for seafood haters include the roast duck spring rolls with hoisin lemon dip. These were unremarkable though; the slivers of duck were too tiny and bland to leave a lasting impression, wrapped in rather oily rolls.

Master Kobe beef satay. Billed as KL's most expensive satay, at about RM10 a stick. Fairly flavorsome, but not as succulent as we might have expected.

D'Arenberg The Stump Jump White (Australia). The food took a really long time to arrive, so we basically finished a bottle before being done with the oysters.

Bolla Torralta Prosecco di Conegliano (Italy). Alas, we drank too much, too quickly, with rather unfortunate results. Please, don't ask.

Four Seas,
Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar.