Eat Drink KL: Edo Ichi @ Solaris Kuala Lumpur

Monday, August 23, 2010

Edo Ichi @ Solaris Kuala Lumpur

With some 200 choices on the menu here, was there ever any doubt we'd be back for more?
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Cold thin wheat noodles with unagi & half-boiled egg. The noodles were smooth and slippery, but the mouthwatering combo of warm, soft eel and explosively runny yolk stole the show.

Alaskan Maki, featuring deep-fried salmon & avocado. We've always wished there could be more stuffing and less rice in these rolls; this recipe fit that description perfectly.

Deep-fried seaweed roll filled with tuna belly. Not the best way to relish the melt-in-the-mouth texture of tuna belly, but still surprisingly addictive. Sorta like fish croquettes.

Sea bream head, steamed in sake. Tasted hyper-fresh, with lots of meaty flesh in its cheeks. We loved chewing on the huge, gelatinous eye.

Volcano Maki, comprising assorted fish rolled in sushi rice and drenched in mayo sauce. This one, on the other hand, had way too much rice. Seemed similar to offerings at Sakae Sushi and all those other shopping mall chains.

Salmon & eel "pizza." Decent toppings, but what fascinated us was the base that tasted like a cross between polenta and couscous (a variation of okonomiyaki?). Sufficiently crisp to bear the weight of the toppings, but soft enough that chewing is scarcely necessary (yay!).

Braised ox tongue with carrots & potatoes. Coulda been more tender, but would still work nicely as comfort food to help mend a broken heart. Had a healthy, home-cooked feel.

A bottle of sparkling sake (Ozeki Hana-Awaka) kept us in fizzy spirits all evening.

Edo Ichi is currently offering 20 percent off all food for dinner as part of a belated opening promotion through Aug. 31. Alas, we made this visit slightly before that promo began.

Edo Ichi,
Solaris Dutamas.