Eat Drink KL: Mai Ramen @ Jaya One

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mai Ramen @ Jaya One

Recognize anyone? This place was a hub for coincidental encounters on a recent evening.

On paper, the most alluring choice here is the buta kakuni ramen (ramen with stewed pork). A hearty bowl of Maggi Mee-like noodles in warm, subtly salty white broth. The pork was reasonably tender, but it was marred by a somewhat stinky flavor.

Nankotsu karaage (deep-fried chicken soft bones). KFC Original Recipe-ish.

Ajitsuke tamago (seasoned half-boiled eggs). I love eggs, but this was forgettable.

Butayaki okonomiyaki (pancake with grilled pork). A guilty pleasure, thanks to the rather addictive yam-like base. Close your eyes and it's almost like munching on those fried dim sum yam balls stuffed with minced pork.

Butaniku enoki (skewered grilled pork). No complaints; the meat was juicy and went well with the golden mushrooms.

Unagi yaki (grilled eel balls). Wasn't as greasy as versions at some other outlets, but there was only a miniscule, barely discernible amount of unagi in this.

Choya umeshu with soda. Watered down (or iced down, in this case).

Mai Ramen,
Jaya One.