Eat Drink KL: WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Center

WIP's revamp is finally over. It looks terrific, with a casual breeziness that makes it ideal for a leisurely lunch. This makeover comes with a name change: WIP is no longer a Work In Progress, now that it's been Whipped Into Place.

The mango and avocado salad was surprisingly successful, with the sweetness of the mango pairing perfectly with the avocado's creaminess. It looked like a meagre portion, but there were loads of thickly sliced avocados layered within.

Espetadas, traditional Portuguese charbroiled skewers marinated with garlic, laurel leaves and rock salt. The beef was a bit too chewy and salty. The seafood skewer, which comprised prawns, octopus and fish, could have been fresher. A rather overpriced novelty.

Beef tripe braised in tomato gravy with chorizo sausage and mussels. An interesting, flavourful combo that might work as comfort food for many.

Stole a few bites of someone else's curry laksa. Can't resist cockles!

Granny's Apple Pie Crusta (hennessy, vanilla syrup, lemon juice, bitters, red apple, star anise, clove, cinnamon sugar).

Blueberry Suzette (bourbon, grand marnier, maple syrup, mixed berries).
Be warned that the cocktails take ages to arrive...

The Mojitos looked decent but were definitely not the best in town.
Special thanks to my guest photographer who snapped the food pics! :D
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