Eat Drink KL: Neo @ Jalan Sultan Ismail

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Neo @ Jalan Sultan Ismail

Click here for previous review of Neo (July 27).

Returned to this soulful yet sleek place for the second time in less than a week to try some of the items that we had missed the previous round.

It still has a half-finished look, but there's nothing half-baked about the food. Be warned though that Neo only opens for dinner, Monday through Saturday.

Tuna with veal glaze and balsamic reduction over daikon cilantro mash. Succulent stuff, lacking the fishy flavour that sometimes makes tuna a turn-off.

Wasabi prawns with lavender risotto and balsamic reduction. The risotto was perfectly al dente, but the overall combo had a subtle taste that didn't leave a lasting impression.

Duck confit with kumquat risotto and beet passion fruit jus. Absolutely loved this; the duck was tender and aromatic, paired beautifully with the sourish risotto. If you like duck a l'orange, then you'll probably relish this.

Cilantro white cod with black ink spaghetti and salmon roe. A filling portion of pasta, but this paled in comparison to the other platters. Tasted very ordinary.

Terrazas Estate 2005 Mendoza Chardonnay & Malbec (Argentina).

Neo Global Tapas & Luxe Lounge,
Jalan Sultan Ismail.
Tel: 2148-3700

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  1. Hmmm... This deserves a go, after The Restaurant first. I mengidam artichoke now. Are all the dishes served tapas style?

  2. If you come here for the 2nd time within a week, you must like this place quite a lot huh??? I mean... good impression :)
    Price is on the high side right??? How much for the food and wine??

  3. alot of risotto as a side kick in their dishes hor..

  4. android: yeps, for now they are, but the chef hasn't finalized their official menu yet...
    leo: i'm actually easily impressed. :D each platter costs RM30-RM60. two people could order about 3-5 platters for a decent meal.
    joe: yeah, but it's cool for risotto-lovers, cos we can sample different kinds in small portions...

  5. where's my comment? i posted a comment.. hmmm

    anyway, i was saying, this plc looks very elegant.
    I think it should be a cool hangout plc soon of the rich and famous?

  6. ouh i think u commented on the previous review of neo... i reviewed it twice this week...
    hmmm some of the rich and famous might be reluctant to climb up the steps to neo...