Eat Drink KL: Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino @ 1 Utama

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino @ 1 Utama

Recently revisited this place after nearly 5 years. It still serves impressive fare; we really should try to return here more often.

Crispy pork belly shavings salad, with mixed veggies, sliced Asian pear, green apple, orange, tomato salsa and grated parmesan in a salsa verde dressing. A huge, non-healthy salad that would satisfy 3 or 4 people. Loads of pork shavings buried beneath the veggies.

Baby back pork ribs in BBQ sauce. Tender and tasty, but not the best in town.

Pappardelle egg pasta in alfredo sauce with cured mortadella sausage & button mushrooms. A bit overpriced (about RM45), but no complaints, taste-wise.

Honey-cured ham pizza with pineapple and mayonnaise. Their signature pizza, this was pretty addictive. We loved the ham's sweet smokiness.

La Joya Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 (Chile).

Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino,
1 Utama.
Tel: 7725-4017


  1. Dave's pizza! I've been there once, very very long time ago. It was a pleasant experience, very nice food served, good for sharing too! Would love to revisit! =)

  2. yeah, it's great to see that the place has stood the test of time. there aren't many excellent places to eat at 1 utama, but this is one of them!

  3. The Honey Cured Ham Pizza looks ravishing. I'm just about to lick my computer monitor. 3 weeks in Terengganu is making me go ga ga ga over oinkers laden food.

  4. can't see the crust for the pizza.

    good. it's all good;)

  5. surprisingly I haven't gone to this place even though I live like 2 minutes away :)
    OK.. another place in my must-go list (it's getting longer and longer)

  6. android: blog about terengganu food! keropok lekor
    ciki: oh ya, i was so busy gobbling it down, i didn't even notice that...
    leo: i think u'll like it! i hope u do. it's so convenient to live so close to a good shopping mall. i live near endah parade, bah.

  7. nvr been here!! but i did abt the pizza. everytime in 1-U, i'll think of Pasta Zanmai or sushi zanmai. .lol

  8. Ooh yes, one of the few places for booze in the dry monolith that is 1-U. I didn't know they served pork! What a delicious piece of info! :-P

  9. nomad: pasta zanmai is good! only been there once though, but have fond memories of it. :D
    550ml: and it's very yummy pork at that! :D

  10. the main courses look good~ going there for X'mas dinner, will try them.

  11. abby: season's greetings, and i hope u have a great meal there with your loved ones =)

  12. Hi Sean,

    Thank you so much for the post. We hope to see you again soon. Do check out our FB page for more updates.

    Cheers from the Dave's Bistro Bar & Grill team.