Eat Drink KL: Toh Lee @ Nikko Hotel

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toh Lee @ Nikko Hotel

We headed here to check out Toh Lee's Fruits Fiesta promotion this month, which combines traditional Chinese favourites with Malaysian fruits.

The deep-fried chicken with durian was the most fascinating dish, with chicken slices slathered in fresh durian pulp. If you despise durian, you'll despise this. The taste of the fruit utterly overpowered the chicken.

The deep-fried scallops with rambutan were a bit boring. The scallops were fresh and went well with the rambutans, but the overall effect failed to thrill our tastebuds. Pretty pricey too for a rather small portion.

Some items on the regular menu also caught our attention. The pumpkin with salted egg and shrimp was wonderfully creamy, though the taste was surprisingly bland.

Deep-fried Sichuan duck with bananas sounded like an irresistible combo, but we had mixed feelings about this. The batter was very good, lacking any excess oil, but the smooth blend of duck and bananas left little impression taste-wise.

The egg white with cod and pomelo was terrifically prepared. For once, the subtle flavours that this restaurant seems to favour suited this delicate dish perfectly.

The least successful platter was the roast chicken with potato chips. No real complaints _ the tender meat was enveloped in fairly crisp skin _ but not outstanding. The chips made no worthwhile contribution.

Their signature fried rice was satisfying though, brimming with goodies and packing a marvelously fragrant taste.

Toh Lee,
Nikko Hotel.