Eat Drink KL: MadHatter Desserts, Medan Putra Business Centre

Friday, December 1, 2023

MadHatter Desserts, Medan Putra Business Centre

MadHatter Desserts @madhatter_desserts is back, moving to Medan Putra Business Centre after nearly six years in Damansara Uptown.

This reincarnation propels the vision of chef-founder Marcus Low and his team in adventurous new ways: MadHatter is now not only about distinctive desserts but savoury fare built on baked foundations.

The kitchen embraces Malaysian produce across two-thirds of its repertoire, from rarities like Pahang wild durians and button mangosteens to Johor pineapples and Kelantan buah kulim, thoughtfully harnessed in a selection that evolves with experimentation and seasonal swings.

For brunch, sink your teeth into sandwiches, perfectly proportioned for peak pleasure, delicately orchestrated with subtleties that sing softly in soothing harmony, in tune with the harvest of the earth.

Sliced beef tongue cooked with red wine evokes French soulfulness, wedded in a holey union with Swiss cheese in a bagel, hitting a hole-in-one for heartiness, dressed in local ulam chimichurri, brightened with the biting vinaigrette zestiness of cherapu and asam gelugor.

Fluffy batter-fried pomfret is draped in a house ferment of durian duri panjang with mellow, nutty undertones of umami on a thick, tender substrate of Reuben-style rye bread, a marvellous masak-tempoyak marriage of sea and land.

Cookies are crisp to the bite, melt-in-the-mouth with a creamy chew, crowned with a jammy medley of two types of pineapples, one selected for sweetness, the other for acidity.

Focaccia comes with extra flourishes too, lined with melted cheddar and laced with kulim oil for an understated earthiness.

One contemporary plated dessert steals the spotlight before the show ends - inspired by the Filipino Christmas classic of maja blanca, coconut cracquelin layered with bruleed corn pudding, showered with corn kernels and snowy coconut foam infused with corn oil, a masterful showcase of two ingredients - coconut and corn - in multiple textures, channelling the natural sweetness of Cameron Highlands pearly white corn.

MadHatter Desserts
26, Jalan Medan Putra 4, Medan Putra Business Centre, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.