Eat Drink KL: Bait Al Luban, Oman

Monday, January 13, 2020

Bait Al Luban, Oman

One of Oman's most respected traditional restaurants, Bait Al Luban is our best bet in the capital city, Muscat, for a meal of shuwa, a classic celebratory dish of goat marinated in a spiced date paste and roasted in an underground firepit for over six hours, for robust chunks of gamy, fleshy meat.

You'll also find other interesting specialities like harees (chicken slow-cooked with barley and served with a savoury date sauce, with the consistency of creamy congee) and shrimp caught off the Omani coast, simmered in coconut milk gravy and partnered with khubz rakhal, a thin and crackly flatbread.

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