Eat Drink KL: Flamenco

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This charming restaurant's heyday has probably passed, but it remains a worthwhile visit, serving mainly Spanish specialties in a calm setting with convivial service.

The tapas selection is solid and fairly priced. Everything seems well-prepared, including these succulent and savory garlic prawns.

Spinach with pine nuts. Grease-free greens for guiltless (but delicious) dining.

Braised oxtail. Tender and rich-tasting enough to elevate it above the bony, chewy oxtail found at many other eateries.

Fried feta cheese. A piping-hot pleasure; crisp on the outside, creamy within.

Mushrooms. Appetizingly aromatic.

Caesar salad. Crunchy leaves and a luscious yolk, mingling beautifully with a light dressing.

Seafood paella. Not bad, but not outstanding; lots of seafood in this, though it could all be fresher. Also, the rice might benefit from a stronger infusion of saffron.

Snow White cheese cake for a fairy-tale finale, luxuriously moist and smooth.

Bread-&-butter pudding. A mammoth treat, ideal for carb-loading.

Red wine sangria...

...and white wine sangria too! Delectably intoxicating.

Plaza Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.