Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chip 'N' Dale

Chip 'N' Dale 2: Return To Pork Paradise. Earlier entry: April 20.

OK, so this might not be the Klang Valley's best pork burger, but it's tasty enough, thanks to the tender patty, smoky bacon and crisp fries. Maybe a fried egg and some slices of tomato would boost it by a notch or two.

Grilled pork chop marinated with white rum. Meaty and succulent, with a brilliant burst of creamy flavor from the wholegrain mustard sauce.

Spicy pork belly. Absolutely addictive, but greasily guilt-inducing.

BMW (bailey's, malibu, cacao white) & James Brown (vodka, cacao brown, sweet sour). Sensational shooters, smooth and sweet, for sensuous slurping.

Brain Jammed: brandy & grand marnier, ganging up for a flaming good time.

Chip 'N' Dale,
52, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail.


  1. Fried egg, fried pork burger + bacon all smushed up together in a heavenly package - now that's an idea! I couldn't agree more this would elevate the dish further.

    (In fact, Devil was just complaining about a club sandwich he has yesterday which coulda been better if the hard-boiled egg slices were replaced by a greasy fried egg...)

  2. Are those fries a tad greasier than they should be or is it just the effect of the halogen lights juxtaposed with the cement-effect walls? :-P

  3. lfb: yeah, who needs hard-boiled eggs! soft-boiled/poached/fried eggs with runny yolks are the way to go! i'd prefer nasi lemak with a poached egg rather than those hard-boiled slices anyway :D
    min: heheh, actually no, they weren't abnormally crispy. i was leery of them too at first, cos they looked kinda sad and thin, but they tasted surprisingly good. hot and crisp on the outside and soft inside, with a nice, freshly fried flavor. we actually finished 'em! =)
    michelle: a porky post at least once a week is a requirement for this blog! :D

  4. Oh yes, I agree! Next time I head to Village Park I'm gonna get a side dish of soft-boiled eggs and pour them all over my nasi lemak! Yums...

  5. lfb: ahhh, a man after my own heart! am particularly pleased that you typed "a side dish of eggs" instead of just "an egg." am trying to imagine just how many eggs that dish could fit! a baker's dozen? heheh :D

  6. but the pork burger on picture does look tempting enough for a try!

  7. eiling: yep, definitely worth a try, but it still needs an extra oomph! :D

  8. Bravo!!! Mmmmh ... I need a Pork Burger!!

    Cheers fr ... Abu Dhabi

  9. julian: heheh, i guess pork burgers are even more difficult to find in abu dhabi than in KL! :D