Eat Drink KL: Ben's @ KLCC

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ben's @ KLCC

Ben's @ KLCC: Round Two. Earlier entry: April 19.
Entries on Ben's @ Pavilion: February 25 & March 1.

Nasi ulam with ayam percik & solok lada. We're not the best judges of Malay food, but we imagine even a village matriarch in Kelantan would relish this. Every component was well-prepared; nothing tasted too greasy or dry, too salty or bland.

Mexican tortilla with grilled chicken & bean stew, avocado, jalapeno & nachos. A safe bet for kids craving something reminiscent of TGI Friday's. Adults might find this addictive too.

Moroccan lamb pie. Fans of fresh pies should enjoy this, thanks to its thick, flaky pastry and tender chunks of flavorsome meat laced with coriander & cracked pepper.

Wild mushroom spaghettini with truffle oil. One of Ben's top crowd-pleasers: aromatic with earthy flavors, enhanced by a tangy zip of lemon zest & mascarpone.

Dad's Curry Laksa, a Nyonya-style recipe with rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, long beans, chicken slices & prawns, served with jelateh & otak-otak. Hearty enough for two light eaters to share, but we would have preferred a richer broth. Also, the absence of cockles was sorely felt.

Lychee mango trifle with jelly & custard. Soft and sweet, chilled and creamy.

Rocky Road cake, with marshmallows, peanut cream & chocolate mousse. Delightfully, deliciously decadent, gobsmacking us with gooey goodness.

Rum Jumper (rum, mint, lime, apple juice) & Caipirinia (cachaca, lime, sugar).

Terramater Vineyard Reserve (Cabernet Sauvignon). Not the best wine around, of course, but an OK option for under 100 ringgit.

Suria KLCC.