Eat Drink KL: Coco.Tei

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Coco Tei: Round Two. Earlier entry: May 9.

Mentaiko salad. It's official: salads in KL are no longer boring. Thanks to the melt-in-the-mouth marinated pollock roe, we relished every spicy, savory bite of this one.

Octopus tempura salad. Another winner, with brilliantly battered baby octopus that was warm and crisp on the outside, sweet and springy within.

This tower of fried squid rings was visually epic but tasted kinda ordinary.

The show-stopper: unagi with omelet. Thick slices of the most flavorsome eel ever, some of them sandwiched inside the fabulously fluffy egg. Heavenly, that's the word.

Death by fugu? Not so fast. We easily survived our encounter with these dried puffer fish fins _ the perfect bar snack _ to type the tale.

Miso soup means it's time to go...

...but not before slurping up every last drop of our sake.

No. 5, Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1800-88-6655


  1. Salads looks fresh n makis this time around?

  2. Wow! The eel does look impressive! Esp the egg, can see outright it was thick & fluffy!

    They don't do buffets do they?

  3. Unfortunately, they don't...

  4. That unagi and egg dish looks STUNNING! Like something out of a Tim Burton film!

  5. Yup, their unagi has always been good. And that's usually how I test a Japanese restaurant - by its unagi. (If only cos that's my fave item; Devil does the same with their sashimi.)

    And you went back 2nd round without us? Possibly a third time too? We so hurted! :P

  6. mm.. salad is no longer boring? haha! unfortunately salad is FOREVER boring for me. i wan meat! *rawr*

  7. ulric: nope, we steered clear of rice for this round! carb overdose, heh :D
    tng: no, so far no buffets. they have omakase though (costing about RM200++ or so), but have to make advance request for that =)
    min: heheh, i'm hoping you mean more of 'alice in wonderland' than 'sweeney todd' :D
    lfb: actually hor, suddenly i prefer anago (the saltwater eel) to unagi (the freshwater one). at first i didn't like anago, cos it's not as sweet n fatty as unagi, but now i love its milder taste :D anyways, maybe third time at cocotei will be the charm, and i'll bump into you both there! (then i can steal a bite of your unagi) :D
    augustdiners: ahhh, what u need is some duck salad! or maybe the ox tongue salad from ben's at klcc/pavilion! =)

  8. Where can we find anago? Never even heard of it till you mentioned it - you're a regular walking Wikipedia, you are! :)

  9. lfb: oooh, actually i think sakae sushi has it (it might be listed as 'conger eel' on the menu). or if you want really good anago, sage does it! so does hanare at the intermark. i'll check this evening if cocotei has it (or u can come see for yourself) :D

  10. do they still keep the kaiseki?

  11. Devil and I should hit Sage and Hanare, then. And we will hit Coco.Tei eventually... but not this evening. Me still a tad under the weather. :(

  12. michelle: yep, the kaiseki menu looks similar to what they had at hajime. i've actually never ordered their kaiseki before though :D
    lfb: oh no! hopefully you recover completely before the strenuous non-long-weekend that you have ahead. looks like even the weather is under the weather today (it's about to pour soon in the city center!)

  13. LOL. What on earth is a non-long-weekend? And aye - pour, heavens, pour! I need the rain to soothe my heatwaved nerves... :P

  14. lfb: a non-long-weekend is when you don't have to go to work but your time is consumed by not-fun activities anyway. it's a real word that's accepted in scrabble! :D noooo, don't pour, heavens, don't pour! i need to cross the road afterwards and i don't want to get stuck in traffic either! :P

  15. Oh. Then it's definitely a non-long weekend for me.

    And yes, don't pour O heavens! Me needs Devil to drive back safely and take me out for dinner. I'm guessing the friendly neighbourhood PappaRich will do in a pinch. :P

  16. Is the kaiseki available for lunch?

  17. Went there for their set lunches today...

    Almost exactly the same as Hajime except it is slightly pricier now. This is compensated by a slight increase in portion. There are a few new items among the choices though.

    Best thing, their black sesame ice-cream is still smashing.. :D

  18. Oops...forgot to mention their cawan mushi is still smooth as silk :D

  19. Lfb: someone up there must have been listening to us! I managed to cross the road without getting drenched, and reached the dinner destination within an hour! Hope your prayers came true too :D
    Baby sumo: they have set lunches that are pretty popular, but yeah, I think if you have time during lunch, the kaiseki is available too =)
    Ulric: hey, we missed each other there by six hours or so! Glad u enjoyed the chawanmushi & ice cream (I haven't had those two items here yet). Too bad the umeshu liquor jelly seems to be always sold out!