Eat Drink KL: Leonardo's

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Back to Leonardo's. Earlier entries: Feb. 2, 2009; Feb. 19, 2009; Aug. 19, 2009.

In this edition, we explore the anatomy of a pig, kicking off with the pork neck, grilled with spicy mango salsa & cilantro. Succulent slices, perfectly prepared.

Pork tail minestrone soup. Rich and aromatically rustic, as befitting of this Italian broth.

Pork ribs with roast potato & corn salsa. The meat was tender, but not sensationally succulent, overpowered by a much-too-tangy Hawaiian BBQ pineapple sauce.

Spanish black pig shoulder loin steak with truffle oil mashed potatoes. Comfort food for both carnivores and carb-lovers.

Pork trotter Chinese porridge with peanuts, century egg & yau char kway. Purists might scoff at this, saying it pales to traditional hawker versions. But it remains a real pleasure, undeniable creamy and brimming with flavorsome ingredients.

The piece de resistance of our exhaustive pork expedition: a braised pickled knuckle. One might think this soft-skin preparation is healthier than regular crispy knuckles, but it's not, thanks to a titanic portion of crunchy pork lard showered over the plate. Sinfully spectacular.

Tenimenti Prosecco Frizzante Conti Neri, alongside Kisses & Misses, a irresistibly sweet, milky cocktail comprising frangelico, baileys, ice cream & nuts.

Mouton Cadet Rouge (France, Bordeaux). Very pleasant, with a light finish.

Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar.

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