Eat Drink KL: Confeitaria de Belém

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Confeitaria de Belém

Portugal, Part IV: A constantly crowded cafe where Portugal's renowned egg tarts were reputedly born, nearly 200 years ago.

Customers from around the world flock here for the shop's tarts, made according to a special recipe that only three people know (that's what they claim, but of course, various versions of egg tarts are available across Portugal and other countries).

Perfectly crisp pastry with luscious, cinnamon-scented custard. Each tart is served fresh and warm, but there's never any fear that they'll turn cold. We took scarcely a few seconds to gobble up every heavenly piece.

Other sweet treats here have delicious-sounding names like 'folhado de chocolate,' 'mil fohas doce de ovo' & 'pastel de feijao.'

Even though we don't particularly have a sweet tooth, we couldn't resist these confections, so devilishly sugary and creamy.

The cafe stands beside a monastery, where many might be tempted to pray for forgiveness after committing the sin of gluttony.

Dessert wines go wonderfully with the food ...

... as do steaming-hot coffee and milk.

Antiga Confeitaria de Belem,
Rue de Belem, Lisbon, Portugal.