Eat Drink KL: The V

Monday, April 4, 2011

The V

Fun vegetarian food is the forte of The V, which boasts a casual vibe and cheap prices that make it a magnet for kids enrolled at Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

Fried mozzarella sticks for starters. A cheesy pleasure that comes out precisely as promised: crispy on the outside, piping-hot and gooey within.

Spaghetti arrabiata with "sausages." Not the most memorable pasta in town, since it's similar to what hundreds of other local cafes serve, but the mock meat sure tastes like the real thing.

Tandoori-spiced potato balls. Perfectly battered, boasting some pleasant chili heat but without any excess grease. And who says vegetarian food has to be healthy? A plate like this is loaded with sinfully addictive carbs.

Plenty of sandwiches are available; this one comprises fresh, crunchy strips of vegetables in freshly baked country toast, spread with pesto sauce for added flavor.

Potato herb patties. One caveat: cheese and eggs do feature in various recipes here, though there are still lots of other options for strict vegetarians.

Ice cream lovers, here's a scoop: The Last Polka runs a kiosk inside The V, offering its full range of fabulous flavors. Don't leave without having a cup of the Nutella concoction (or Horlicks).

Kona Mocha milkshake & Belgian Chocolate ice-blended. Decent drinks, sweet and frosty. Alas, since many of the students here are underage, no booze is sold (boo!).

The V and Taylor's other eateries overlook a lake area that's breezy and lively in the evenings _ a terrific hangout for students. Ah, to be 15 years younger again!

The V,
Syopz @ The Boardwalk,
Taylor's Lakeside Campus.