Eat Drink KL: EEST @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, May 27, 2010

EEST @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

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Jellyfish "flower" with aged black vinegar. Had a nice, springy bite to it. The vinegar provided a tartness that helped to make this anything but bland.

Japanese cucumber with chili & oil. Crunchy, but skip it if you're not into cucumber.

Salmon in green curry. The fish was moist and juicy; thankfully, its natural sweetness wasn't overpowered by the creamy curry.

Honey-glazed black cod with champagne. Forgettable; tasted like regular cod.

Hakka-style braised Hillside lamb neck. Something went awry here; despite being very tender, the lamb was way too gamy, with an almost foul flavour.

Wagyu beef cheek Malay rendang. Super-succulent; anybody who's ever complained about tough beef at Hari Raya open houses would love this.

Pho bo (Vietnamese noodle soup with beef brisket, tendons, tripe & tenderloin). A hearty helping, also with lots of melt-in-the-mouth meat.

Saffronitas (tequila infused with saffron, lime, sugar syrup, cointreau) & Hua Mulan (shiraz, rum, brown sugar, lime).

The Westin Kuala Lumpur.


  1. the jellyfish matching sounds yummy!! wonder the dish pricey?

  2. carrole: i can't remember the exact cost, but the appetizers here are reasonably priced. mostly less than rm20...

  3. ohicic, wanted to try this since long. thanks for the info =)

  4. The Pho bo looks really good... makes me miss Vietnam oh so much...

  5. carrole: no worries! :D
    lfb: i had my first-ever trip to vietnam planned for next month, but it looks like it'll be delayed till july. so i'll have to wait a bit longer before i get to taste the true pho there! =)

  6. *makes mental note to try the wagyu beef cheek rendang*

  7. my experience with EEST was so so... sometimes the food was great, sometimes not!

  8. How does the wagyu beef cheek rendang compare to the one served at Prime? I remember enjoying the Prime version, although I sometimes think that it is a waste to use such good beef only to mask it in a host of other condiments and spices.

  9. would love to try the jellyfish. am sure it's gonna be a nice appetiser. yums

  10. augustdiners: hope u like it! i might add, it's a bit on the salty side, as rendang tends to be...
    leo: ya, i think the hits outnumber the misses though. but that braised lamb was definitely bad!
    lemongrass: prime's is probably better, with more complex flavours that really complement the beef. but maybe instead of thinking of this as a waste of good beef, u could think of it as a way to elevate rendang and curry recipes :D
    eiling: yup, the seafood here tastes pretty fresh if you visit on the right days (i think fridays are good!)

  11. U goin Viet?? Woohooo!

    That bowl of Pho has Unka's face all over it. Tht fella alws craving for beef soupy stuffs..

  12. tng: vietnam ... july, hopefully! :D heh, wonder if he prefers the chinese beef noodles or the vietnamese ones though...

  13. AnonymousMay 28, 2010

    the pho bo somehow looks... ungreen

  14. Nicotinegum: yep, all of you vietnamese would definitely recoil in horror! :D