Monday, May 17, 2010

The Bee @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

The Bee is getting lots of buzz, thanks to its live music performances and array of affordable burgers. If you like The Pink Sage or The Daily Grind, you might feel at ease here.

It's still their first week in business, so some things aren't working perfectly just yet (a few recipes need tweaking, and the food takes quite awhile to arrive during peak hours). But The Bee has potential; its proprietors and staff seem to have their hearts in the right place.

Roasted pumpkin, couscous, pine nuts, mesclun salad & mint mustard dressing. Generously loaded with sweet, melt-in-the-mouth chunks of pumpkin. The couscous added a nice textural twist to what might otherwise seem like a run-of-the-mill salad.

Huevos Rancheros Wrap, with beef bacon, cheese, Mexican rancheros beans, cured chillies, fried egg and melted cheese. A guilty pleasure, served piping-hot; definitely delicious, but even a few bites will make you soberly contemplate all the calories in it.

Their signature beef burger, with a patty made in-house, beef bacon, cheese, pickles, lettuce & tomatoes. Good but not great; the patty was forgettable, lacking the kind of juiciness that you could really sink your teeth into.

Ebi-Fry Burger, with prawns deep-fried in bread crumbs & Japanese Bull-Dog sauce. Not bad for only RM15 (which includes a free drink). The Daily Grind serves better burgers, with more heed paid to the quality of ingredients, but The Bee helps customers spend less.

Vegetarian Falafel Burger with mint yogurt dressing. The lentil patty was kinda stodgy. Also, all the buns and fries here are a bit too generic to really elevate the burgers.

Desserts are worthwhile. The peanut butter & chocolate cake was moist and rich.

Pavlova. Not the best in town, but decent enough if you can't get to Alexis.

Mars Bar cheesecake. Seemed like a hot seller; this was the last slice in the chiller.

Wine is available for that lunchtime tipple.

Or you could play it safe with orange juice and iced coffee.

The Bee,
Jaya One.


  1. Oooh!! This is the one that - when me n Unka was passing by one night, i nearly tripped ovr the "step" at the entrance n fell flat on my face!
    HeHhe..wht a way to rmbr the plc huh?

    Well..well..well..should hv checked it out looked so empty n there were nothin on the walls tht says anything of what sort of eatery it's supposed to be so both of us jz continued our merry way.

    I actually told Unka it might hv somethin to do w the bakery "Bee's", and I rmbr seein this same "Bee" at The Curve...hhmm?

    Seems that the burgers aint tht memorable for now, and they dont do pork. So i guess its the cakes huh?

    Not many plc do mars cheesecake..i wonder if its FBB's?? Hehe

  2. tng: yikes! and here i was thinking that the location of this place is perfect, since it's so near the elevator from the car park! :D
    ya, it still looks like a work in progress. i think the kitchen only opens for limited hours during lunch and dinner so far.
    no idea why they chose to call themselves "the bee" ... too shy to ask! :D
    hmmmm, wow, maybe u're right about who supplies the cakes, since i kinda doubt they make the cakes themselves...

  3. Yikes. I was at Jaya One last Sat and sorta missed this place. Pity they don't serve breakfast - just lunch and dinner, right?

  4. Now that the significant other will be based nearby, me thinks that we will be having many a meal here :)

  5. Bald Eagle walked past this place and commented that it looked pretty bare, so will visit once they sort out all their teething problems. The cakes do look really delicious!! ^_^

  6. I was at Jaya One with Ciki yesterday. But we totally missed it! Prolly cos we were tipsy...LOL

  7. guffffffffaw, just coz FBB got lots of Bs in name and spouse, doesnt mean he supplies cake there...but now that you mention it, it does look vaguely familiar. obviously i'm not gonna admit to supplying mediocre pavs right!

  8. lfb: nope, no brekkie so far. which suits me fine, since i rarely eat before noon =)
    unka: luckily there's no lack of food options at jaya one. u could probably have dinner five nights a week at jaya one without getting TOO bored :D
    lemongrass: the cakes were certainly edible, though they might have been better one day earlier =)
    bangsar-babe: whoa, everyone's been wandering around jaya one in the past week. it's a miracle that we don't all bump into each other :D
    fbb: yikes, is some new rival ripping off your recipes?! but yeah, i've seen photos of your pavlova, and i'm sure it tastes better than the one i had here =)

  9. time to check this place out!!
    Initially I wanted to go to Jaya One last Sat but my friends wanted to check out Funky Villa.. so I missed out..

  10. leo: ahhh, not too sure if this is the ideal outlet to bring your baby to ... it's air-conditioned inside, but seats can be limited when the lunch and dinner crowds come in, so u might have to sit outside...

  11. oh the BEE? must be new.. buzz buzz LOL :P is the booze better than Fontera? was just there with bbabe.. the margaritas r goooood!

  12. sean, guffaw, piaks...just stab me now okay. of course they're from me la. but as thamby rightly pointed out, pavs are only nice when served fresh la. when did you eat there?

  13. ciki: heheh, frontera has a much wider selection of booze. but if u just want some decent, reasonably priced wine, then the bee can handle that :D
    fbb: whoops! i was here for an early lunch last friday ... all the cakes seemed to have been there at least overnight, cos they were already half-finished by then =)

  14. Ah, but breakfast is my favourite meal of the weekend! Well, brunch really but who's keeping track, rite? :P

  15. lfb: but the most important meal of the weekend is ... wait, all u really need to keep u going during the weekend is cocktails galore! :D

  16. I was at the The Bee last night, and i think... overall it's alright... at first i got confused ... i thot u had a special flavored "coffee" but the fact was that the ice cream was their best seller, flavors of ice cream u cant really find in supermarkets...

    Food wise, i'd say is okay... presentation is not bad, service is good (pity the ONE server that was there...all nite and day!-good job!)

    Drinks... latte is waaaayyyyy better than Starbucks...!

    Pricing is very affordable, compared to places like Delicious, sometimes can burn a hold in ur purses... >.<

    But what i didn't really like were their cakes, the way they served it.

    p/s to The Bee: you should not cut your cake slice and put into chiller, it ruins the texture of the cake and spoils it by it having to taste like fridge... =___=

    all in all, it was a great dining experience, and i will introduce this place to all my friends...

  17. jaycee: thanks for the update! i haven't managed to return to the bee since may :D