Eat Drink KL: EEST @ The Westin

Thursday, May 6, 2010

EEST @ The Westin

Click here for previous review of EEST (March 3).

Sashimi platter. The selection was run-of-the-mill, but it was reasonably fresh enough to placate our cravings for raw fish.

Vietnamese Crab & Pomelo salad. Cheaply priced at RM20, but contained little crab. Still, a fresh-tasting, flavour-packed salad.

Thai Tom Kha (coconut & galangal soup with quail & oyster mushrooms). A milky, subtly sweet broth that satisfied us, thanks to its succulent slices of quail.

Malay lamb shank curry with pumpkin. Not spicy, but very salty.

A sensational maki, stuffed with seared foie gras, BBQ eel, shiso tempura daikon & avocado. A melt-in-the-mouth combo _ almost the perfect sushi roll.

A less exemplary maki, with snow crab, "Green Goddess" sauce, avocado, tempura bits & Gochujang bean paste. Tasted like a regular roll that could be found anywhere.

Creative cocktails: Empress Dowager (pinot noir, strawberry, brandy, sugar syrup) & Aloe Saketini (aloe blossom tea, sake).

The Westin,
Kuala Lumpur.


  1. ooOoo..that maki is sensational alrite!
    but the nx one, Goddess wht??? ;p

    I was excited too at the lamb shank (malay version somemore fuuyoohh...) but then "it's too salty". Eiks!

  2. tng: ya, that green goddess sauce is supposed to be a salad dressing ... according to wikipedia, it contains mayonnaise, sour cream, chervil, chives, anchovy, tarragon, lemon juice, and pepper =) i really like the creativity at eest, but their recipes could be tweaked a bit to improve them...

  3. Good morning Sean,

    We are glad you enjoyed the food @ EEST. Our chefs are truly a creative bunch. =) and of course, thank you for coming back to The Westin KL. Hope to see you soon...

    Be well,
    Yoke May

  4. "Vietnamese Crab & Pomelo salad. Cheaply priced at RM20, but contained little crab."

    Mebbe them Vietnamese crabs are microsopic wan? :P

  5. Yoke may: will definitely return to eest many more times, as there are so many fascinating items on the menu to try :D
    lfb: Wah, it sounds like u've had crabs a lot ... Wait, that didn't come out right :p

  6. wah always eating good food! Yesterday I was having dinner at Xenri but I didn't take pictures... and I should have taken cocktails "sean style" at Luna bar! haha...

  7. eiling: xenri pics would have been nice, since the place is beautiful! am changing my style for cocktails soon ... no more "senget" photos =)

  8. the crab n pomelo salad - at first i thought it was a huge portion. then i saw the pomelo sacs. :-P (I like how you say *only* RM20...and can imagine the other voice in your head going 10 bucks! 10 bucks!)

    i'm still not fully converted on the idea of maki with foie gras. i know it's one of your favourite combinations, but for me, i find that the foie gras gets drowned when combined with all the other ingredients that the premium you pay gets diluted.

  9. lemongrass: prices at eest are actually quite decent; two people can have a full, non-discounted meal for less than rm100 without drinks if they order wisely :D anyway, we should to learn how to make our own makis! then we can put in huge chunks of foie gras terrine in them!