Eat Drink KL: Cake Tella & Fa Ying Princess Bakery

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cake Tella & Fa Ying Princess Bakery

Homemade cakes for sale _ seems like something that everybody does nowadays, but it's still worth supporting creative & conscientious bakers like Eddie Tan, a 24-year-old talent who pours not only his heart but a hearty helping of hooch into his treats. 

Tan's "Cake Tella" enterprise has lots going for it: a 100% refund & 50% off the next order for unsatisfied patrons, plus the use of surprising ingredients (Pop Rocks carbonated candy!) & plenty of customization possibilities.

Tan hopes his cakes will become a memorable component of merry celebrations for families & friends. Many thanks to the man for providing us with one of his signature selections: Baileys Chocolate Mousse with caramelized hazelnuts. A 1.2-kilogram cake costs RM95 & contains at least three shots of Baileys (that's some 120 milliliters).

Smooth & creamy, with a terrific nutty crunch (it's loaded with hazelnuts!) & fizzy fun from the Pop Rocks hidden within the chocolate men. Tan uses Couverture chocolate for this cake, but customers willing to fork out extra cash might want to request even higher-grade chocolate for a more luxurious flavor. 

Other cakes by Tan, a KDU culinary graduate & sous chef for the central kitchen of Dave's Deli, include a milk chocolate peanut one & a Nutella mille crepe, some of which are available at cafes like Bangsar's Tedboy Bakery. Ordering information can be found at

Need even more cakes? Here's another nice one: Princess Bakery, a desserts counter recently launched inside Paradigm Mall's Fa Ying Thai restaurant.
Main entry on Fa Ying by Rama V: November 19, 2012.

Green curry chocolate cake exemplifies the fusion fare here. Let this sit & soften a little once it leaves the chiller; the taste of the curry spice is subtle but discernible, supplying a pleasant zing to a worthwhile cake.

Cempedak tarte tartin. Might taste a bit more like nangka than cempedak, but surprisingly, we liked this, since it was heavy on a fruity sweetness instead of a stench.

Thai lemongrass creme caramel. This one can probably be skipped; not bad, but not memorable.

Fa Ying's Thai-inspired cocktails to wrap this up: Anna & The King, served in coconut.

Fruity Pattaya cocktail. For the suggestion box: list the cocktail ingredients on the menu.

Caketella by Eddie Tan
Princess Bakery by Fa Ying