Eat Drink KL: After Werk @ Scott Garden

Saturday, March 30, 2013

After Werk @ Scott Garden

A watering hole on Old Klang Road that enjoys brisk business even on weeknights.

After Werk's mainly a magnet for after-office guzzlers of beer, but the kitchen deserves praise for keeping its food delicious. The garlic-flavored pork knuckle is as fine as any in town, with all the succulent meat, luscious fat and crunchy skin we need.

Pork belly, crisply braised, with baked beans and mashed potatoes. We can't help slobbering over comfort food at its most sinfully sensational.

Baby back ribs, well-priced at about RM40 for a half-rack. To keep things interesting, After Werk coats the meat with two types of sauces _ barbecue and peach (!).

Smaller bites of pork, simple to nibble but no less satisfying.

And of course, there's a house-made pork burger here. Mouthwatering in all its messiness.

Beer, wine, even a surprisingly nice Sangria, everything's available.

One caveat: a live band kicks in too early at 9pm. Flee then if you value your hearing.

After Werk,
Scott Garden, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.
Open in the evenings through late.