Eat Drink KL: Fatbaby Ice Cream & Cocktail Solutions

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fatbaby Ice Cream & Cocktail Solutions

The newborn Fatbaby is heating up KL's homemade ice cream scene, offering a cool collection of flavors now available for delivery & soon to be sold at Marmalade Cafe.

Fatbaby is the brainchild of Ng Hui Ming, who spent the last decade as an actuary in the UK before returning to Malaysia in 2012. Her first brush with making ice cream came in London, when a session on these frozen treats captivated her at a Le Cordon Bleu course that she took to learn more about baking.

Hui Ming now churns out RM25, one-pint tubs that can be picked up on advance order at Publika, Jaya 33, Sunway Giza & Empire Shopping Gallery. Starting March 30, smaller tubs will be stocked at Bangsar Village's Marmalade Cafe.

Our favorite of the bunch (eaten at Bangsar Shopping Center's Seek-&-Keep weekend market): Cornflakes, brimming with sweetly satisfying, crispy-crunchy bits that evoke Kellogg's-clogged memories of simple childhood pleasures.

Swirly salted caramel. Fatbaby has nailed the texture for its ice cream, with a lush softness that's exactly the way we like it.

Peanut butter alert! This one tastes like pure peanut butter, for better or worse.

No artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives go into Fatbaby's ice cream; a tub of this one contains only milk, cream, sugar, eggs & hand-chopped chocolate.

Fruity flavors are available, with freshly grated coconut stirred into this Coconut Candy flavor.

Other varieties include mango sorbet, espresso, banana, tea, apple crumble & marmalade.

And for coffee addicts, this not-too-sweet ice cream is marvelous for making an affogato.

See for ordering instructions. Or visit Marmalade later this month.

What pairs well with peanut butter ice cream? A Margarita, maybe. Here's another welcome initiative: Cocktails delivered to our doorsteps, freshly made to order by English mixologist Joshua Ivanovic, formerly of TwentyOne & Circus.

 Classics like the Mai Tai, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Daiquiri & Lychee Martini are available in bottles that could each easily fill two or three glasses, at only RM76 for six bottles (that adds up to scarcely RM5 per cocktail serving). Brilliant for both convenience & cheapness.

Orders must be placed at least 12 hours in advance & all cocktails are prepared without preservatives. Rest assured, they taste the way they should, potently better than watered-down renditions at two-thirds of KL's bars.

See for ordering instructions.