Eat Drink KL: Putien

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Returning to Putien for another Chinese feast. Earlier entry on Putien: January 6.

Bitter gourd, sliced super-thin & served on ice with honey dip. Tastes like crunchy slivers of chilled cucumber, with scarcely an iota of bitterness.

Shredded pork with fried buns. A signature dish at Putien, one that children would relish. The sesame buns are fluffy, while the gravy-drenched meat with onions is moist & flavorsome.

Oyster omelet. Not as much of a greasy-guilty pleasure as hawker versions, though some might insist that makes this less thrillingly juicy.

Sweet-&-sour pork with lychees. Capably executed, with the lychee supplying welcome sparks of tropical sweetness to balance out the sauce's sourness.

Lor mee with pork belly, prawn & clams, braised in pork broth. Heavy enough for two to share, though it may seem a bit blander & not as creamy as anticipated.

Salt-&-pepper seven-inch pork trotters (RM7.90 per piece). Sounds better on the menu than it tastes on the plate; the skin could be more crisp, while the flesh within feels overloaded with collagen & fat, making this little more than meatless mush.

Deep-fried duck with yam. We'd order this again if we ever spot it in a dim sum joint; the combination of comfortingly warm, soft yam packaged with succulent meat works very well.

Some sort of Chinese tea with a name we can't recall. Lovely leaves, luscious fragrance.

Putien Malaysia @ 1 Utama.