Eat Drink KL: Black Truffles @ Garibaldi

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Black Truffles @ Garibaldi

Fade to black: With the season for Alba's aromatic white truffles behind us, it's time to genuflect before the altar of midnight-hued fungi instead.

Garibaldi recently brought in Norcia black truffles from Italy's Umbria province, priced at RM10++ per gram. Shaved here over a bed of gently seared, velveteen-rich ox tongue. Less fragrant than its paler counterpart, but it has a more discernible soil-bound taste of terra firma.

Another recommended preparation, with warm, veal-stuffed ravioli. By now, Garibaldi might also be serving a slightly pricier black truffle, the 'pregatio' variety.

Truffle-free but terrific: Lobster panna cotta _ ultra-creamy mousse filled with chunks of resilient-fleshed crustacean meat. Not on the menu but worth requesting.

Interested in Italian but envisioning something less elaborate? Italian Tomato might save the day, just a five-minute drive from Garibaldi.
Earlier entry on Italian Tomato: January 3.

Sweet, slightly smoky & subtly tangy: wood-fire oven-roasted pumpkin soup, enhanced with what seems like slivers of orange peels for an enjoyable chew.

Spaghetti vongole. Less than al dente; if you can forgive that, no need to forgo this.

Freshly made pappardelle with lamb ragu. Looks & tastes rustic enough to be the handiwork of a Bolognese homemaker. Wet, slippery pasta, casually adorned with succulent meat strewn over a light, veggie-filled gravy.

Cocktails at Garibaldi: Imperial Margarita (tequila, orange curacao, orange juice) & Dirty Martini (vodka, cinzano dry, olive brine).

Red wine & lime margarita at Italian Tomato.

Garibaldi Malaysia @ Bangsar Village.
Italian Tomato @ Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.