Eat Drink KL: EEST

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Oink! EEST recently revamped its menu, serving pork for the first time ever.
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Tofu with pork floss & century eggs. Our favorite for the evening; the bean curd's texture was irreproachable _ delicately crisp on the exterior, luxuriously silken within. Combined with chewy pork floss and inimitably luscious eggs, the result could drive a man to incurable tofu addiction.

Spare ribs stuffed with cheese. Use your fingers and rip the succulent, steaming-hot meat off the bone for primal carnivorous rapture.

Wok-baked glazed pork belly. One of those creations that might be terrific with beer. Kinda like a cross between pork lard and 'keropok ayam.'

Brown stewed tofu with roasted pork belly. Tasted home-cooked, in the best sense.

Pork-haters, fear not: plenty of non-porcine pleasures are still provided, including this Forest 'Long Jin' Tea-Smoked Unagi. A savory snack, supplying crunchy bites.

Fermented Chinese tea, with a potent plum-like flavor.

Creative Japanese-influenced cocktails: Hanamachi (sake, jasmine, strawberry) & Umigary (Japanese cucumber, vinegar, ginger, vodka, plum sake).

The Westin, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Ohhh! so its true! EEST has started serving pork. Yummy!

  2. tng: yeah, most of the pork dishes are on eest's chinese menu though. not much pork in their japanese, malay, thai and vietnamese selection :D

  3. Did they have a new chef? Ooh pork! I tell my mom :D

  4. you just hit the right note with the word pork! the dishes looked yummy especially the tofu with meat floss!

  5. You had me at "pork". :) :)

  6. michelle: oops, sorry, i don't even know who the "old chef" might have been! :D
    eiling: yeah, too bad there were only three pieces of that tofu. wouldn't mind having a full dozen! =)
    j: ya, here's hoping that their switch to non-halal status proves profitable (for the restaurant AND the customers!) :D

  7. Ooh this could be a trend to watch! Hotel restaurants assuming non-halal status! Glazed pork belly should be signature starter in restaurants everywhere!

  8. min: oh yeah, hotels should toy with the idea, especially those that have multiple restaurants that can cater to various dietary restrictions. for example, only eest at the westin serves pork; the hotel's four other eateries all remain pork-free and open to all :D

  9. wah!! all pork dishes :) u r a true blue babitarian :P
    too bad my Starwood privileges have expired or else I will be coming here for sure!!!

  10. leo: yeah, the starwood card you gave me has expired too (otherwise i could have saved some cash here, heheh), but my babitarian card is still very much valid! :D

  11. Wow...good news, this, LOL! And you really went all out to sample as many porky dishes as possible huh? Pork ribs + cheese sounds so sinfully goooooddd!

  12. pureglutton: oh yeah, and they also serve lotsa porky dim sum for lunch, so that might be worth trying next time too :D

  13. This is great as I still hv an unclaimed meal voucher here!

    Interestingly what mentioned by Min about hotel outlets being halal, actually majority of them are not, just pork free cos they sell liqour!

  14. babe_kl: oh ya, i guess they don't actually have a halal certification, but the food should still all be halal (chicken, cows, etc, all slaughtered properly). hope u manage to use that meal voucher soon, heheh! :D

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