Eat Drink KL: EEST

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Oink! EEST recently revamped its menu, serving pork for the first time ever.
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Tofu with pork floss & century eggs. Our favorite for the evening; the bean curd's texture was irreproachable _ delicately crisp on the exterior, luxuriously silken within. Combined with chewy pork floss and inimitably luscious eggs, the result could drive a man to incurable tofu addiction.

Spare ribs stuffed with cheese. Use your fingers and rip the succulent, steaming-hot meat off the bone for primal carnivorous rapture.

Wok-baked glazed pork belly. One of those creations that might be terrific with beer. Kinda like a cross between pork lard and 'keropok ayam.'

Brown stewed tofu with roasted pork belly. Tasted home-cooked, in the best sense.

Pork-haters, fear not: plenty of non-porcine pleasures are still provided, including this Forest 'Long Jin' Tea-Smoked Unagi. A savory snack, supplying crunchy bites.

Fermented Chinese tea, with a potent plum-like flavor.

Creative Japanese-influenced cocktails: Hanamachi (sake, jasmine, strawberry) & Umigary (Japanese cucumber, vinegar, ginger, vodka, plum sake).

The Westin, Kuala Lumpur.