Eat Drink KL: Shuraku

Saturday, November 20, 2010


This izakaya has become one of Solaris Mont Kiara's biggest success stories, booming nearly every night with swarms of Japanese customers and a smattering of Malaysians.
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Deep-fried squid tentacles. Greasy and salty, but addictively juicy.

Natto, tuna, salmon, yam & lady's fingers, served with seaweed wrappings. Our only semi-healthy order that night. Fresh-tasting, with reassuringly clean flavors.

Grilled pork belly topped with yellow mustard & spring onions. A bona fide hit; achingly tender, with an almost home-cooked feel.

Shuraku Oki Roll, stuffed with salmon, tuna & octopus. Generously packed with raw ingredients that totally complemented each other _ the key to a satisfying maki.

Deep-fried chicken sauteed with nanban sauce. Sensationally succulent meat, soaked in a mild, sweet-&-sour soy sauce. Finger-lickin' good, for sure.

Ume Chuhi & Choya Umeshu.

Izakaya Shuraku,
Solaris Mont Kiara.