Monday, November 22, 2010

Paper + Toast

Billed as a "mobile office cafe," Paper + Toast offers a calm, clean space for customers to get some work done while munching on light bites.

All the crucial conveniences are available: Internet access, alongside photocopy, fax & printing facilities and private meeting rooms equipped with projectors.

The menu is limited, mainly comprising salads, sandwiches & cakes. The Greek salad, featuring mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions, olives, feta cheese & lemon vinaigrette, was soggier than expected, but still tangy and refreshing enough to enjoy.

Their specialty sandwich: grilled chicken lightly marinated in fish sauce, served with julienned carrots, cilantro & mayo in a toasted baguette. Not outstanding, but fairly flavorsome and not too messy to eat. Wouldn't want mayo spilling all over our laptops, right?

Cupcakes! Zen @ Work (green tea with ginger cream) & Stress Buster (vanilla with chocolate frosting). Could have been more moist, but we were here at the end of the day after all. It might be better to visit for brekkie, lunch or tea, when everything is fresher.

Rice pudding topped with strawberry jam. These creamy concoctions, on the other hand, were awesomely addictive. Soft, sweet treats to help ease the Monday blues.

Booze isn't sold here, but customers can bring their own, with no corkage charge. Service is friendly and helpful; regular glasses were provided for us to sip this Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2009 (Marlborough), purchased from P.S. I know, it looks like water in these glasses, but it really is wine. Hmmmm...

Paper + Toast,
One Residency, Jalan Nagasari, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2141-6752
Open through 9.30 p.m., seven days a week.


  1. Michelle: yep, I'm sure some ppl will find it quite useful :D
    Joe: very pale wine? Heheh :D

  2. It looked like water coz it was served in drinking glasses? Very very clear wine u had there!

  3. pureglutton: yeah it's really bizarre! more like totally transparent wine than white wine :D

  4. Villa Maria Sauv Blanc... DROOLSSSSS. It's been too long since I hit the ol' NZ whites. OK, off to I wander..

  5. min: i've only discovered the pleasures of NZ wines this year, and i'm liking them! haven't had a bad one so far :D

  6. wow i loves this place..would like to try it one day!

  7. that area now so happening!

  8. WIFI u say? AHha..I think i'm gonna be "based" here if Im ever stuck in town in between meetings.
    Cupcakes & internet connection .. ahh.. tht's all i need.. ;p

  9. cindy: hope u like it! it's open from 8.30am for breakfast =)
    babe_kl: yeah, as far as cafes and restaurants are concerned, the more the merrier! :D
    tng: oh ya, a pleasant change to starbucks! less crowded too :D

  10. The mere mention of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc makes my mouth water. Lol.

  11. shaun: ya, tnx for the recommendation, it was yummy. though my inclinations are returning toward red wines these days, so i'm looking forward to a tasty pinot noir or merlot or something similar for the next round, heheh :D

  12. i liked the simple b&w concept and I can see that you're drinking a good bottle of Villa Maria. It's afterall my fav white label from NZ!

  13. Eiling: ooh, I can't recall whether I had previously tried the Villa Maria before this month. But will remember the name from now on (I'm really bad at recalling names)