Eat Drink KL: Cungdinh Vietnam

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cungdinh Vietnam

If One Bangsar is indeed forced to close when its lease expires at the end of this year, we might lose one of the city's best Vietnamese restaurants.

Charcoal-grilled minced beef wrapped in wild betel. Fragrant and flavorsome.

A sampler of starters, mainly Hue traditional food _ prawn cakes, banana-leaf rice paste with minced prawns, tapioca rice cakes & spring rolls. Can't vouch for their authenticity, but they all seemed impeccably prepared.

Danang thick noodles, topped with prawns, chicken, sesame crackers & peanuts, served with mint, shredded banana flower & water spinach. Sounded like a complicated recipe, but it had a nice wholesomeness that made it taste almost home-cooked.

Tiger prawns broiled with rice wine. Plump, sweet crustaceans.

Hue noodles, buried and hidden beneath baby clams, starfruit, herbs & peanuts. Mix everything up for a nutritious, guilt-free noodle dish.

Charcoal-grilled snake fish. Fresh and tender enough to recommend.

Steamed seafood rice. We loved scraping out the succulent coconut flesh.

Can't leave without having the Vietnamese coffee.

Cungdinh Vietnam,
One Bangsar.