Monday, November 9, 2009

Twentyone tables+terrace @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Twentyone has now spread its wings to BSC, providing yet another reason to flock to this miraculously revitalised mall.

It's a sleek space that seems to cater slightly more to drinkers than diners. The menu is similar but not identical to Twentyone's original offerings at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Charred white prawns with pumpkin puree in hot & sour prawn broth. Fresh, plump prawns in a flavour-packed broth whetted our appetite for the more substantial dishes to come.

Twentyone leaves with asparagus, fennel, pearl barley jus and parmesan. A fine medley of clean-tasting flavours and textures; evidence that healthy options can still satisfy the palate.

Glazed slow-cooked Wagyu beef cheeks with confit of leek & shallot in aerated soy-based foam. The meat was served in all its gelatinous glory, with little of that gaminess that sometimes makes beef cheeks a turn-off.

Soft-shell crab tempura with hoi sin dip. Chunky crab meat coated in a perfectly light, non-oily batter. The sweet dip was a twist that breathed new life into a cliched recipe.

Cauliflower risotto with sashimi-grade scallops, capers and squid ink coulis. The scallops were wonderfully juicy, but the risotto was a bland, mushy disappointment.

Baked dark chocolate ganache with warm chocolate cream, lemon curd and chocolate soil. Reminiscent of Senses' signature dessert. Not quite as good as the version there, but this still works as messy comfort food for sweets lovers.

Twentyone's cornucopia of exceptional cocktails will keep us coming back.
Here we have the Nutbutter Nutter (frangelico, lemon, sugar) and Big Bad Mama's Long Island (skyy 90, bacardi oro, tanqueray gin, gran centenario tequila, gran marnier, sweet & sour, cola).

Twentyone Degrees (x-rated, lime, brown sugar) and Popcorn Martini (skyy vodka, butterscotch, homemade corn syrup).

Kiss My Fat Lips (bailey's, raspberry, choc sauce, milk) and Dark Chocolate Martini (chocolate grappa, creme de cassis, milk).

Better Than Badoogie "Poolside" (skyy vodka, grapefruit, apple juice, white wine) and Strawberry Apple Mojito (rum, fresh mint, strawberry, apple syrup).

Click here for review of Twentyone's Changkat outlet (April 3).

Twentyone tables + terrace,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.


  1. wow~
    That's a lot of drinks u have there!!

    food seems good!

  2. Exciting stuff! So much less of a hassle for me to get here Fri evening than to Changkat! There is a parking problem at BSC though - the expansion seems to have disregarded the need for more parking bays. A pain on weekends!

  3. the dessert looks like a main in the picture..but overall, seems like a nice place to chill and catch up with friends..

  4. if its this quiet during wkends, im coming!

  5. tng: the food is good, but the cocktails are great! :D
    550ml: good point. though a crowded parking lot is a sign of a healthy mall!
    sc: yeps, though the tables are slightly too close together ... but they probably want to fully utilize the limited space...
    joe: go during off-peak hours!

  6. I've always loved the mall and even more so after it has reopened. So many new things around and best part is that it's quiet. Would love to just chill out and enjoy the view.

  7. qwazymonkey: yeah, bsc has come back to life! it's a shame they got rid of actors studio, but it might be a blessing in disguise, since the new location at lot 10 is pretty cool...

  8. oooh looks nice! the other time when I passed by this place, it was not opened yet.

  9. eiling: yeah, been waiting for ages for this to open. but it was worth the wait :D

  10. the best place to chill...PROMOTING MY WORKPLACE HERE... come,see and try the specials here, and the CHEF is a DANISH. come and enjoy!!

  11. ezwan: heh. thanks, hope to see ya the next time we're back :D