Eat Drink KL: Lafite @ Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lafite @ Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Click here for previous review of Lafite (August 13).

The complimentary bread here is OK, but the soft, silky butter deserves all the glory.

Tower of Sweet Corn Soup (corn soup, crab, scallion puree, popcorn).

Pour the warm, thick, comfortingly creamy soup into the bowl...

Voila! Something to give the tastebuds a rest from canned soup.

Foie Gras Volume 3 (roasted foie gras, savoury spiced bun, apricot puree, hibiscus meringue and pistachio). The foie gras was perfectly prepared; the hibiscus meringue wowed us with it fascinatingly flowery flavour.

58 Degrees Celsius Beef Short Rib (48-hours slow-cooked beef, creamy potato, black truffle puree and aromatic braising jus). Marvelously succulent.

Snickers +/- (warm chocolate mousse, roasted peanut ice cream, caramel, crispy nougatine). The ultimate comfort food.

Dark, white and milk chocolate puzzle pieces. A complimentary afterthought.

Rasteau M Chapoutier 2005. Cheapest wine in the house, but we liked it.

Shangri-La Hotel.


  1. aaarrghh!! foie gras!! animal cruelty!!!

  2. Wanted to do Lafite with a client, but website states suits for dinner, and we decided not to go there. Too stiffling, they said. I was too lazy to all them up. Really need suits ar? Do they still have the killer wine list like before?

  3. i think pants n shirts is good enuf..

    aiyah to go or not to go..rm500++!!

  4. Aiks. The Tower of Sweet Corn Soup seems too much of food deconstruction or what have you. :P

  5. christine... animal cruelty means nothing to Sean... lol! He's into shark fin, dog meat, and exotic meats too if given the choice!!!

    the Tower of Sweet Corn Soup looked like what I can get by Campbell's canned ones :P

  6. I am officially starving. I like the concept of dress codes, though not necessarily the practice of it. My favourite one ever is an invite to a dinner "Lounge Suit" - I loved it so much that I wrote a song about it! :-)

  7. christine: but most livestock are bred under cruel conditions these days...
    android: nopes, no need to dress up. work attire is fine. i haven't worn a suit in ages! :D
    joe: go go go! u'll still save RM500++ off the price of the actual meal :D
    lfb: luckily, not much work involved =)
    leo: ya lor... am also very interested in human meat, but that one has been tricky to obtain!
    yeah u're right, the photo of the soup looks unappetising, but i'll blame that on my mediocre camera skills :D
    500ml: argh, i hate dress codes. as long as someone isn't wearing smelly rags, they shouldn't be barred from eating here :D

  8. ahh..still good aft all these years?
    I have never stepped in here before.
    Hmm.. recovery dinner/being alive treat? ;p

    Unka will faint.

  9. nomad: i have something else special planned for the recovery meal! :D

  10. How much is the cheapest wine? hehe!

  11. augustdiners: definitely in the three-digit range :D

  12. 3 digit can range from 100 (very affordable) to 999 (expensive) =P

  13. Augustdiners: heh, u can get a bottle of wine for 100+++, but not many :D