Eat Drink KL: GoGung @ Mid Valley Gardens

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GoGung @ Mid Valley Gardens

Why did it take so long for us to visit this place? It's now one of our top-rated outlets at the Gardens _ everything from the food to the service is fabulous.

The lip-smacking array of appetisers was only a foretaste of the pleasures ahead.

Beef sashimi with sesame oil, nuts, raw egg and pears. Not much healthier than a steak, but it tasted refreshingly divine. The interplay of flavours and textures _ sweet, tender meat vs. crunchy pears and nuts _ was heavenly.

Glutinous noodles in beef stock soup. The only kind of soup that I'd eat cold.

BBQ duck breast meat with Korean traditional herbs. Succulent and smokey.

Bi Bim Bap, wonderfully fluffy steamed rice mixed with veggies, beef, egg, chilli paste and sesame oil. My favorite for the evening. So addictive.

Bul Go Gi, comprising tender marinated slices of beef with fresh mixed veggies.

Gogung by Koryo-Won,
The Gardens.
Tel: 2287-7981


  1. oohh...tht bibimbap...i luv fried rice...
    must visit Aunt Ssam soon.. ;p

  2. yeah, i kinda feel now that the best bibimbap is equally as satisfying as the best risotto :D

  3. I went for lunch recently, not expecting much and although the meal was a lot more understated compared to this, I was impressed! Love the many panchan dishes and service was tip top!! Will be back for the bibimbap!

  4. i've seen this place running not so brisk business before.
    how's it faring now?
    may check this out, as i feel that restaurants in Pavilion are starting to bore me.

  5. looks eggcellent! thx for the info man..!

  6. must try to see if the bi bim bap is better compared to what I had in Korea last time. I have yet to find a good one in Malaysia!!!
    Taking out the beef... everything looked great!!! But then, which part of The Gardens?

  7. 550ml: yeah, i was expecting something mediocre, but this was a really pleasant surprise!
    j2kfm: it's still far from packed, but it does deserve to do much better...
    ciki: at your service! :D
    leo: i've never been to korea, but since many korean outlets in kl are run by koreans, the food should be fairly authentic? anyways, this place is near the crystal jade restaurant...

  8. i read somewhere that it was pretty crap..

    a turnaround miracle?

  9. hmmmm, maybeee... let's hope it doesn't turn around in the other direction after this...