Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fukuya @ Delima, Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

Fukuya's survival despite its slightly hidden location is a testament to the quality of its food. Now if only the menu could be tweaked more often to keep it from becoming boring.

Grilled mushroom and garden veggie salad in yuzu sauce. Fresh AND refreshing.

Teppan-grilled Japanese oysters wrapped with egg. The oysters left little impression taste-wise, but this should still satisfy fans of well-prepared omelettes.

Prawns, chicken and mushroom in mini teapot served in clear soup. We could nearly feel the nutrients in this seep through our body. Stomach-warming stuff.

Simmered turnip with shark fin sauce. A tiny portion that barely qualified as an appetizer. Too bad, since it was flavour-packed enough for us to crave a second helping.

Butter-sauteed Hokkaido scallops with duck liver teriyaki. Delicious, but not as decadent-tasting as we had expected.

Grilled eel and cili padi roll, lightly deep fried in tempura batter. This used to be better, once upon a time. Too much rice and too little unagi make it a bland maki now.

Oden, fish cake stew. A hearty portion that works perfectly as comfort food.

Ozeki Kinkan cold sake washed down an OK meal. We'll keep coming back, but not too soon.

Jalan Delima.
Tel: 2144-1022


  1. Ohh..that's where Unka was supposed to be headed last Sat nite! In the end his whole family went Pulau Ketam Steamboat instead!
    Well..moi was bedridden so i missed it. Darn..Cristang...grr... Cannot tahan..u reckon stinky beans helps to clear lungs??

  2. *laughs at TNG's comments*

    But really, DOES petai do that? :P

  3. That teapot soup would def bring me back to life so I can make the most of the last day of the hols!

    TNG and LFB, petai rules!! Not sure about lung clearing but c'mon, it should be good comfort food for anyone feeling sick!

  4. erm, not clearing lungs lah .. clearing the room more like it. hahaha ...
    supposedly, they're good for the kidneys.
    but some say otherwise.

  5. tng: erm, steamboat might help clear lungs! get well soon, and don't torture yourself by reading food blogs! cristang will still be around for unka to take ya next time :D
    lfb: here's a link that prescribes petai as the antidote to everything from hangovers to pms! http://www.mail-archive.com/permias@listserv.syr.edu/msg13282.html
    500ml: sigh ... if only tomorrow were deepavali, rite? :(
    j2kfm: petai is still a lesser evil compared to durians! :D