Eat Drink KL: The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village

Remember all the hype when The Daily Grind first opened?

The buzz has grown quiet since then, but this place is still faithfully churning out those burgers.

The foie gras burger has evolved from its earliest incarnation. The foie gras now rests above the beef patty instead of being part of the patty. It's still an enjoyable burger, thanks especially to the tasty bun. The grilled portobello slices, balsamic palm sugar and onion cranberry jam are generous additions.

Spicy seafood gumbo. A version of the classic New Orleans dish, this was OK, but maybe we should just stick to ordering burgers here.

The Daily Grind,

Bangsar Village.
Tel: 2287-6708

2017 Update: The Daily Grind is now one of 12 restaurants in Bangsar participating in the ‘Dine, Earn & Redeem with your mobile number’ initiative by AirAsia BIG, AirAsia’s loyalty programme. Earn and/or redeem your AirAsia BIG Points here! For more details, see:


  1. Oh, I have a review suggestion! How about a re-visit to Frangipani?


  2. saving for a special occasion! :D

  3. ohhh they hav finally served the foie gras separately!

    remember the lady there telling me its minced in last time..

  4. yeah, it used to be minced inside ... unique, but difficult to taste the foie gras then!

  5. oooo will deffo try the foie gras burger now that it's separate. no point it being minced in with the patty, really.

  6. unless u get sidetracked by all the other tempting burgers available! :D

  7. AnonymousJuly 06, 2009

    I found the burgers extremely disappointing; they fell apart at the touch, way too dry, and not tasty at all... Santini's at KLCC or the DOME outlets serve way better burgers. The cook should go to a decent American burger course somewhere in the States or maybe read a Jamie Oliver book..