Eat Drink KL: Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

According to the buzz, the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa franchise spreading across KL is a pale imitation of the Kampung Baru original. Naturally, we felt compelled to probe the truth.

The verdict? We won't be rushing back for more, but it's not bad. The rice is fluffy and well cooked, though it lacks the special fragrance that distinguishes a divine nasi lemak. 

The chicken rendang was ho-hum. Still, it did complement the rice.

The "bergedel," or potato patty, was tasty comfort food. But skip the fried egg.

Sambal kerang. Alright, but I've never truly liked cockles in sambal.

Paru goreng. A bit on the chewy side, but I'm not really a fan of this either.

Pisang goreng Bali. Scrumptious! Warm, sweet banana fritters without any batter, absolutely heavenly when dipped in the grated coconut.

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa,
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar.


  1. hmm, i got an sms from a friend telling me it was bad. i love paru!!!!

  2. to be frank, i think that nasi lemak is one of those things that inspire tremendous passion in many people. that passion might cause them to excessively criticize mediocre versions. i think few people will love the nasi lemak here, but there's no real reason to hate it either. :D

  3. Oh, it's terrible! The food is so-so, not the best nasi lemak.
    And the service is horrible. Despite asking about a zillion times for my Nescafe, it never arrived. Until I walked up to the counter to complain, and bumped into another customer complaining about the poor service.
    They ran out of eggs, and decided not to tell us. Every table was waiting an age for their food - which is very odd for nasi lemak. It's all pre-cooked!
    I won't go back there.

  4. ergkh. maybe things go downhill at peak hours. service was OK before the supper crowd came in. let's see whether this place dies because of bad word-of-mouth...

  5. Haz and I were supposed to go Saturday morning but then she did this emergency hospital thing with doter at 3 am so we haven't yet. My first thought when I heard about the franchising was: Yay! No more driving around Kg Baru at midnight looking for the elusive stall!


  6. the one on jln ampang is closer to your office; maybe you could check that one out!

  7. hye sean .. glad u had a good experience in nasi lemak antarabangsa in bangsar, since it is a new outlet , we are trying our best to improve the the service and its getting better and better .. all the foods are original recipe from the main nasi lemak antarabangsa at kampung baru.. glad that u shared ur experience . as for Carolyn we are truly sorry u had to go through that situation and i can guarantee that it will never happen again.

  8. thanks ... hope to return soon! :D

  9. I shall now revise my earlier opinion of NLA. Went back there today, and service has really improved. Got the food quite quickly, and staff were attentive.

  10. ooh ... every place deserves a second chance! :D

  11. jamie oliverApril 01, 2009

    hye carolyn, glad that u came back to our outlet and thanks for the update! :D .. once again, really sorry that u had that bad experience and we still improving our bangsar outlet.. :)thanks for the comment and glad u had a good experience and we will innovate and improve our service more in time to time in order to satisfy our new and regular customers :)

    i was ( anonymous March 26, 2009 )

  12. i think the standard drop like mad. extremely bad becaause the reason is that it use to be extremely delicious and spicy but nowadays its only sweet and normal. hope that they can improve on it but not just to make money out of low quality food that they provide

    true lover of nasi lemak antarabangsa

  13. finally tried this, tho went to the ampang point outlet. service was not too bad, but the nasi lemak was disappointing. i didn't like the paru goreng and i'm very much a paru person. they really should have a sambal paru version as well. maybe it was my cold, (blocked nose and bunged-up adenoids don't help my taste buds much) but the paru tasted a bit funny to me, tho it could just have been the herbs. the rice could have been last night's rice, there were some 'kerak' in it. n u'r right, it's not fragrant or lemak enough. needless to say, i didn't even finish it. the rest of the menu looked promising tho, what with the goreng pisang, lekor and jus asam boi. but it is really pricey for a somewhat unsatisfying nasi lemak. my nasi, paru n drink cost me RM12. the upside is that a nice dvd seller came by and sold me a few dvds for RM8 each while i was eating, and even gave me his number.

  14. you should inspect all the outlets to find out which one is the best! or maybe they're all erratic. errmm, i hope u're not planning to get the dvd seller to deliver his wares to your home

  15. jamie oliverMay 12, 2009

    hye Anonymous(April 11, 2009),
    the recipe of the sambal and toppings(lauk) is same since 36 years ago. the sambal,toppings and noodle's gravy cooked in a central kitchen every morning whereby all outlet gonna get the same sambal,toppings and noodle's gravy .. u can try compare the sambal at any outlet with the main nasi lemak antarabngsa at kampung baru .. im sure the taste is the same.. would luv to hear out more :D... cheers!

    hye haz
    .. maybe u should try nasi lemak antarabngsa in bangsar and give out ur opinion ye..about ur sambal paru will let the management know bout this.. oww yea about the price, the toppings (lauk) is the same as the original nasi lemak antarabngsa at kampung baru, just a plate of plain nasi lemak is RM1 expensive compared to kampung baru .. just RM1 more for better ambiance and service :D .. cheers!

  16. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    I went to the place today in Bangsar at around 10.30pm... I must say that it is a good place with good service... The ambiance is good and it's a nice place for 'yumca' sessions ....

  17. Finally got to try the Bangsar outlet yesterday at 9.30am. Had the nasi lemak w sambal sotong, it was not bad at all. Thankfully the rice had no crusts. Also had the pisang goreng, which was nice, with yummy brown sugar and coconut shavings, but a little too sweet maybe. Wouldn't mind going there again unlike the Ampang branch.
    But would like to make a humble suggestion. We were sitting outside cos the aircond felt a bit fierce inside, and we kept being bugged by beggars who wouldn't take a no and a smile for an answer. This is one of the annoying things about dining alfresco in Bangsar. One would think that if we pay RM25 for two simple plates of nasi lemak and teh tariks (which would cost less than RM10 elsewhere), the establishment would make it a point to make sure their clientele were not bothered by beggars or unsolicited salesmen or at least keep a small kitty handy to give them some money. Same goes for places like Madam Kwan's and Alexis in Bangsar.

  18. AnonymousJune 17, 2009

    hye anonymous may 14, 2009
    glad that you like the restaurant.. dont forget to invite you friends for the yumca sessions

    hye haz,
    oww my.. i know that you are annoyed with all those beggers and im sure many customers feel the same thing. many of the blind beggers are not blind and not all the beggers really cacat. but they have their own "agency" who keep on suppling those beggers to almost all food palce in KL .. and that i cant do much. and plus it is not nice if the customers see the waiters chase away the beggers after all they also a human.

    !lotsa luv from Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa BANGSAR~