Eat Drink KL: Cili Kampung launches latest space in Suria KLCC, serving sumptuous Malay specialities in the city centre

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Cili Kampung launches latest space in Suria KLCC, serving sumptuous Malay specialities in the city centre

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Less than two years after Cili Kampung embarked into KL, the Langkawi-born purveyor of prime Malay cuisine has launched its second Klang Valley outlet, spicing up Suria KLCC with mouthwatering masak lomak, captivating curries and sumptuous sambals in the city centre.

Cili Kampung in Suria KLCC blends nostalgic kampung cooking with contemporary cosmopolitan confidence in a convenient location, great for casual get-togethers or milestone celebrations.

From Masak Lomak Hornshell to Asam Pedas Tenggiri to Sambal Cili Padi Siakap, Cili Kampung celebrates time-honoured recipes that have endured through generations, bringing together homely flavours with heartfelt hospitality.

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Fans of Cili Kampung in Sri Hartamas will love this latest Suria KLCC setting, comfortably sleek with warm, leafy tones. Illustrations of traditional village life enhance the sense of charm, beckoning patrons to slowly savour each moment of their feast with family and friends.

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There's no shortage of seating - a vibrant verandah-like section, rustic with rattan and bamboo. is perfect for people-watching in the mall while classic Malay songs play on the speakers.

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Private rooms promise the most immersive experience, complete with paintings by Malaysian artists that capture the soulful essence of simpler times.

All in all, Cili Kampung in KLCC can host up to 130 guests, making it an ideal event space for every occasion.

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Cili Kampung's menu is marvellous for sharing, harnessing beautifully fresh local ingredients prepared with authentic allure.

Most main courses, such as Masak Kicap and Kari Kampung, come in a choice of protein - whole siakap, sliced tenggiri, prawns, beef, squid, horn shells or chicken.

Masak Lomak is a signature style, showcasing Cili Kampung's flagship yellow coconut gravy that's rich with vegetables, house-made chilli paste, lemongrass, turmeric and coconut milk.

It's a creamy, aromatic recipe, luscious in the Masak Lemak Beef (RM48), gently flavoursome and generously fragrant, comforting with tender meat and melt-in-the-mouth potatoes.

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Cili Kampung keeps customers coming back with limited-time temptations that currently include Sambal Asam Pedas Oxtail and Tripe, Kambing Masak Lomak and Sambal Tumis Ikan Keli.

Don't miss the Siakap Masak Lomak (RM68), a whole sea bass that's fit for a royal feast, with spicy coconut sambal that furnishes extra fragrance and flavour for this firm, fleshy fried fish.

Customers can choose their preferred spice level at Cili Kampung. The regular tier is ideal for most of us, pleasantly spicy without being ferociously fiery, but heat-seeking adventurers can select the Cili Kampung Kick for a more powerful punch.

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Cili Kampung's Ayam Goreng Cili Kampung (RM40) deserves a full-bodied recommendation - this deep-fried chicken is deliciously addictive, with gloriously golden chunks of drumsticks and thighs marinated with spices, curry leaves, onions and chillies. We'd happily return to Cili Kampung purely for this ayam goreng, lightly crisp to the bite, succulently juicy to the chew.

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The Prawn Sambal Petai (RM65) is another impeccable classic - the plump tiger prawns are tossed with plenty of petai in irresistibly crimson chilli paste, lip-smacking from head to tail. 

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Hearty vegetarian recipes complete the Cili Kampung experience.

Gulai Nangka with Pucuk Manis (RM35) features young jackfruit with sweet leaves in coconut gravy, the kind of smash hit that would be eagerly enjoyed at a festive kenduri.

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Terung Goreng Belacan (RM24, served plain or with anchovies) might sound elementary, but it's excellent, demonstrating skilled techniques for a brilliant balance of tastes and textures. 

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Ulam Ulaman & Telur Masin (RM10) offer lively, herbaceous notes with a hit of savouriness, while Sambal Tiga Negeri (RM22) is a terrific trio of sambal tempoyak, sambal kicap and cencaluk, thick and tantalising, potent and pungent, embodying the cherished condiments of multiple states in Peninsular Malaysia.

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For a scrumptious sweet finish, the Onde Onde Puding Bakar (RM25) is a modern creation of buttered bread with pandan and coconut milk, layered with palm sugar and grated roasted coconut, splashed with vanilla sauce - the best elements of a beloved kuih, transformed into a memorable indulgence that pays imaginative tribute to local heritage.

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Bukit Kelapa (RM25) will revive and refresh the palate, a chilled conclusion of coconut ice cream with pineapple, gula melaka syrup, honeycomb and mixed nuts for the young at heart.

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Graceful beverages like the tangy Epal Assam Boi (RM16) and perfumed Sirap Pandan Kenduri (RM8) ensure every part of the Cili Kampung experience is wonderfully worthwhile.

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Cili Kampung
Lot 432-433 & OS401, Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur. 
Daily, 10am-10pm. Tel: 017-846-2403