Eat Drink KL: Uno Cafe & Bistro is an oasis of pizzas & playful culinary pleasures in KL's city centre

Monday, September 18, 2023

Uno Cafe & Bistro is an oasis of pizzas & playful culinary pleasures in KL's city centre

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Uno Cafe & Bistro is a charming oasis in KL's city centre, where customers can unwind in calm and comfort amid air-conditioned and alfresco areas with leafy fountain views.

Adorned with artwork of cool cats and fabulous flamingos, this spacious restaurant has become a fast favourite for workday lunches and after-office dinners in KL Trillion on Tun Razak Road, a five-minute drive from KLCC.

Freshly launched on 1 August 2023, Uno promises playful pleasures that span the Monster Smash Burger to Onde-Onde Pandan Crepe Suzette.

Stop for a soothing cup of coffee, stay for soulful curry laksa or hearty Hainanese chicken chop - Uno's founders strive to treat every guest like a part of their family. 

Prices are remarkably reasonable for a chic venue in the heart of KL. Pizza set lunches start at RM18, with many main meals clocking in below RM20.

Fun fact: One of Uno's founders is married to a key member of KL's Modesto's family of Italian restaurants, so Uno takes pride in pizzas that hit the spot for flavourful satisfaction!

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Uno showcases many quirky corners to explore.

Fans of feline fun will purr over the colourful collection of cat paintings. It's like a cosy art gallery dedicated to the love of kittens - no surprise that Uno's founders are genuine cat lovers!

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The outdoor setting is popular for its plentiful natural sunshine - it's a bright, breezily inviting space where the bar beckons, especially in the evening. This is an excellent escape from KL's cosmopolitan claustrophobia.

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Check out the pink flamingos too, vibrantly kitschy, bringing a humorous character to Uno.

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At a time of skyrocketing prices, Uno Cafe & Bistro's lunch sets offer a beacon of wallet-friendly hope. Each set comes with a choice of lemon tea or green tea, plus two slices of watermelon or honeydew.

The Devil You Know (RM18 for the set) is a punchy thin-crust pizza with a pleasant chew, letting the crowd-rousing toppings of beef pepperoni, fresh chillies, cheese and tomato sauce command the spotlight with a savoury, spicy and tangy kick.

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The Curry Laksa (RM15.80 for the full set lunch) is a classic that comes in a princely portion, fragrantly spiced and served with subtly sweet sambal. It's generously loaded with noodles, chicken, vegetables and tofu in rich-textured, robust-tasting broth. A should-try for laksa fans.

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The Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM18) is familiar and fulfilling, banishing hunger pangs with a succulently hefty chunk of crisply battered chicken in a lively sweet-sour sauce, complete with potato wedges, tomatoes, onions and vegetables for an evergreen staple.

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For massive appetites, Uno's Monster Smash Burger (RM39, with fries and salad) lives up to its name, featuring a nearly steak-sized 150-gram beef patty that's flame-grilled and smashed with a pronounced caramelised sear. We love how the well-textured patty's smoky, beefy juices flow as soon as you bite into it, rounded out with sauteed onions and gooey cheese in a buttery bun. This burger is easily big enough to be shared by two light eaters.

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To combat Tex-Mex cravings, try the Todo Nachos (RM30) - not our typical mass-market nachos. The crackly tortilla chips are freshly fried, plated in a circle with a robustly lip-smacking ensemble of nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole and ground minced beef. Impressively, the chips remain crunchy for a notably long time, even though they're crowned with moist, creamy toppings.

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The Onde-Onde Pandan Crepe Suzette (RM25) is a memorable dessert to finish with, infusing Malaysian kuih flavours in a French treat. The aromatic crepe, smooth and tender, is perfectly paired with gula Melaka sauce and vanilla ice cream - a recipe that all generations will adore. 

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Coffee is a confident choice at Uno, silky with a full-bodied feel. And if you need something even stronger, beer, wine and spirits are all available.

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Uno Cafe & Bistro
LG-3A, Lower Ground Floor, KL Trillion, Jalan Tun Razak, Kampung Datuk Keramat, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Monday-Saturday, 11am-11pm. 
Closed Sundays & public holidays.
Tel: 011-1131-8492