Eat Drink KL: Shakariki 432", Solaris Dutamas: Hokkaido Food Fair, now to mid-November

Friday, October 29, 2021

Shakariki 432", Solaris Dutamas: Hokkaido Food Fair, now to mid-November

As autumn advances toward winter in Hokkaido, trees shed their fall foliage on the streets of Sapporo, people head to hot springs for natural warmth, and eateries spectacularly showcase seasonal specialities that span salmon to sea urchin.

Such scenes in Japan's northernmost island seem out of reach for us this year, but a taste of Hokkaido can still be savoured in KL, at Solaris Dutamas' Shakariki 432" restaurant, now hosting a Hokkaido fair until mid-November, while stocks last.

Encounter many intriguing traditional temptations not often seen in Malaysia's izakayas, harnessing Hokkaido's indigenous produce, from sea to land, from 100% Hokkaido kelp to Hokkaido chicken eggs, Hokkaido's famous soul food of muroran curry ramen, handmade sweet potato snacks to red bean and glutinous rice treats.

You can experience a complete meal of Hokkaido fare - starters to side dishes, main courses to dessert. 

We recommend the appetiser of made-in-Hokkaido preserved delicacies: Five charming pairs of seasoned scallops, seasoned octopus, sea urchin on cheese, baked squid on cheese, and salmon on cheese. At RM19 for a total of 10 pieces, they're a brilliant bargain.

These salted tidbits beautifully bring together the brininess of seafood with the savouriness of cheese, with a firm, full-bodied chew - crave-worthy with a cold mug of Sapporo beer.

Prefer hot, crunchy-creamy korokke? The Hokkaido fair beckons with made-in-Hokkaido croquettes, frozen and flown to Malaysia, freshly fried to order in Shakariki 432". Enjoy three types for RM28 - the Hokkaido curry croquette, crab cream croquette with Hokkaido milk, and melty cheese croquette with Hokkaido 'baron' potatoes. Absolutely addictive!

The Hokkaido fair at Shakariki 432" serves up a variety of ramen, including tomato ramen (RM24). It's a brilliant bowl, brimming with a broth prepared with a Hokkaido tomato base, uplifting and well-balanced, not too tangy, tasty to the final slurp.

The ramen features Hokkaido wheat flour noodles, smooth and thick with a lovely bite. It's topped with tomatoes, duck and salted egg for a relatively unusual ramen recipe, more refreshing and less heavy than the tonkotsu ramen that's more common in KL.

Don't leave without dessert for takeaway - the Hokkaido chilled cheese cake is a marvel, with a soft, sumptuous texture that's more like mochi than cake. These mouthwatering morsels might be the dessert of our dreams.

Sample these Hokkaido sensations in the lively izakaya-style setting of Shakariki 432", helmed by a Japanese chef, spiriting us away to a country where everything tastes exceptional. Note: The Hokkaido fair is exclusively until mid-November, but head here as soon as possible, as stocks are limited.

Shakariki 432" @ Publika

D4-G3-5, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-6411-7050