Eat Drink KL: Boys & Chicks: Healthy & organic chicken from reliable Malaysian farms, ready to cook in fun flavours

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Boys & Chicks: Healthy & organic chicken from reliable Malaysian farms, ready to cook in fun flavours

Peckish for poultry? Boys & Chicks offers fresh whole chickens from reliable Malaysian farms, cleaned and marinated for convenient cooking, with healthy, halal varieties in fun flavours like Porto Peri and Bahamas BBQ, as well as organic choices for free-range wholesomeness.

If you love chicken but loathe the prep work, Boys & Chicks' conscientiously sourced fowls promise a fast, fuss-free experience in the kitchen - simply tear open the vacuum packaging, and you're ready to cook! The chicken is usually cut into pieces, but whole uncut chickens are available on request.

Boys & Chicks is helmed by three Malaysian high school friends turned business partners. While they pursued different degrees - in life sciences, marketing and mechanical engineering - they've reunited in their passion for sustainable agriculture and ethical farming.

In their pilot project, the three boys ran their own poultry farm, working through three cycles of chickens (and counting!) to create their ideal farm. While mastering the art of breeding healthy chickens, they're growing the local agro community by sourcing hormone- and antibiotic-free raw poultry from farms in Selangor and beyond with internationally encouraged breeding practices.

Boys & Chicks' Healthy Chicken selection showcases a Malacca-origin village chicken variety, bred in small-scale rural farms with plenty of space for livestock to roam. The chicken is lean, ensuring the flesh remains firmly on the bone for a versatile range of recipes instead of becoming pulpy or mushy.

These chickens are double cleaned, first in a halal-certified Puchong slaughterhouse where they're processed like regular poultry. Then, Boys & Chicks cleans them for a second round in a halal-certified Batu Caves processing factory, removing feather stubs, fat and blood clots before they're vacuum-packed. No washing or rinsing at home is necessary.

Boys & Chicks' Healthy Chicken is available in five flavours, such as Malaysia Klasik (RM25 for about 1.3 kilograms before processing, with neck, feet and internal organs included), the basic pick that's perfect for fried chicken or for favourite household recipes such as rendang. 

The highlight of the Healthy Chicken is the diversity of flavours - the Porto Peri (RM35) features a zesty, tangy and thankfully not-too-spicy take on Portuguese peri-peri preparations, crafted in collaboration with local sauce maker Rain’s Asian Hot Sauce. 

While Boys & Chicks' low-fat, low-cholesterol and high-protein Healthy Chicken is lean, it's satisfyingly tender, with a natural juiciness and robust richness of flavour. It retains its original texture and pure form even when saturated with sauce - chicken that tastes like genuine, honest-to-goodness poultry.

Boys & Chicks' other Healthy Chicken flavours include the Bahamas BBQ with its lip-smacking zesty smokiness (pictured above), the Minang Rendang for a spice explosion, and the Krakatau Kicap that channels an Indonesian-inspired sweet soy lusciousness, a collaboration with premium paste maker DapoGo. 

Boys & Chicks also offers Organic Free Range Chicken (RM50) - the highest-quality chicken around, plus-sized at up to 2 kilograms in weight, slaughtered only after four months of maturity. Nurtured in a green, grassy farm, fed on rice husks, fruits and high-protein greens, these chickens lead their best lives, a far cry from broiler chickens raised in callous conditions. 

The meat of Boys & Chicks' organic chickens is exceptionally clean-tasting - simply boil it with salt, ginger and green onions to help bring out the meat's sweet umami. It also makes for a great chicken jus.

Boys & Chicks' selection can be ordered at - shipping is free for purchases exceeding RM200.

If you enjoy their chicken, Boys & Chicks offers monthly subscription plans with weekly deliveries and discounts of 10% to 15% per chicken, depending on the subscription duration.

The subscription plans promise plenty of benefits. You won't need to worry about daily-fluctuating ayam kampung prices - plus, you'll enjoy 15% off each chicken you purchase. You're assured of all of Boys & Chicks' advantages, with premium chickens guaranteed every week at your doorstep - a truly healthy, clean and ethical source of protein. Boys & Chicks is committed to convenience, easing your cooking process and saving you lots of time and effort.

Ahead of Aidilfitri, Boys & Chicks is also offering additional Ramadan and Raya promotions, valid for 3-20 May 2021.


Subscribe for three or six months and get one free seasonal Minang Rendang chicken.

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