Eat Drink KL: Route 420 Burgers

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Route 420 Burgers

Get your burger kicks on Route 420: KL's new burger delivery service offers beef burgers with house-blended patties as well as some of the chunkiest chicken sandwiches.

The star of the beef burger is the meat - the 70/30 ratio of lean-to-fat yields a full-flavoured, textured patty with little lumps and bumps, more naturally pleasurable than its commercially smoothened, less granular peers, with beefiness that shines through every bite. Have it in a diner-style cheeseburger with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion jam and a secret sauce (RM12).

The chicken sandwich is impressive too, with chicken breast that outstrips the toasted buns in size, scarcely fitting into its box, with a relatively light and thin but robustly savoury breading. Packed with pickles, slaw and ranch sauce, it's a gargantuan chicken sandwich for RM12.

Route 420 Burgers 
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