Eat Drink KL: Jungle Leaf Fat Rice

Friday, November 27, 2020

Jungle Leaf Fat Rice

Jungle Leaf Fat Rice’s husband-and-wife team do a lovely job marrying nasi lemak with Indian dishes for delivery. We enjoyed the Nasi Lemak with Mutton Varuval - the fieriness of the tender, dry-fried meat is a harmonious match for the santan-rich rice and sweet sambal (RM17.90). The portion is hearty and everything tastes fresh, with the sambal, as well as the anchovies and nuts, packaged individually.

Other pairings for the Nasi Lemak include Chicken Varuval, Dry Squid Masala, Prawn Sambal or Chicken Sambal.

Note that the couple have full-time day jobs, so they only take limited orders for weekday dinners. 

Order Jungle Leaf Fat Rice by contacting 010-8833342 on WhatsApp

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