Eat Drink KL: Ozeki Italian Cuisine @ Cosway

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ozeki Italian Cuisine @ Cosway

Ozeki Italian Cuisine: Round Three. Earlier entries: July 11 and August 1.

It's always fun to open the bread basket that kicks off each meal at Ozeki Italian, uncertain what lies within. This time: fresh tomato bread and soft, warm charcoal buns.

Nope, these isn't salmon-wrapped sushi. It's Parma ham blanketing each rice ball, mixed with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, olive oil and coarse black pepper. Fun fusion!

Pork head meat terrine with vegetable pickles illustrates the adventurous nature of this eatery.

Risotto, resolutely like no other in KL, served on a sizzling pan with steamed Japanese oysters (so succulent), Parmigiano cheese and assorted mushrooms.

Ozeki has a little lamb, its fleece is white as snow _ but wait, that's not fleece!

The lamb rack here is presented with a flourish _ cooked in sakura leaf-flavored pizza dough and served with caponata and pommery mustard dipping sauce.

Fatty, perhaps too much so. Though not as gamy as many might fear.

Ozeki's playful creativity extends to desserts like the green tea tiramisu ...

... as well as the ginger ice cream with fruits, green beans and maple syrup.

Sure, there's shochu. And sake and wine, though cocktails have vanished from the menu.

Ozeki Italian Cuisine,
Wisma Cosway, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148-9390
Open daily for lunch and dinner.