Eat Drink KL: MIGF & Molecular Cocktails: Circus @ Pavilion

Thursday, October 18, 2012

MIGF & Molecular Cocktails: Circus @ Pavilion

Returning to Circus, this time to try its MIGF menu & "molecular cocktails."
Earlier entries on Circus: Sept. 13 and Sept. 30.

Circus' amuse bouche of bread stick & beef is the most savory of them all: grissini wrapped with bresaola & sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Most items on this MIGF menu come from Circus' a la carte selection, but that's fine, since Circus is new. And we welcome all opportunities to munch on the moist, meaty chili crab cake.

Crispy wild mushroom risotto, providing an enjoyable textural contrast to regular risotto, thanks to its crunchy-charred coating.

Tangy-icy lime granite, the perfect palate-cleanser.

Wagyu tenderloin with potato mash. Having the MIGF menu makes economic sense; it costs RM168++, only a little higher than this tenderloin's a la carte price. Not sure how much larger the a la carte portion looks, but this MIGF sampler is fairly hefty.

Lavender creme brulee to wrap up the courses. Pleasant, with a distinctly different flavor.

Circus also has fun "molecular cocktails," comprising components like sauvignon blanc foam & mint-flavored ice cubes. Try the dessert-like "Jelly" cocktails: 21st-Century Tommy's Margarita (jellied tequila with agave nectar & lime, amuse bouche-style) ...

...  and Jelly Bramble (gim, creme de cassis, lemon & sugar, jellied & served double-tiered).

Naturally, there are traditional servings of wine and more too, sufficient to spark memory loss.

What happened next? It remains a confusing blank.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.